How Long Should You Heat Your Quartz Banger?

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How Long Should You Heat Your Quartz Banger?

How Long Should You Heat Your Quartz Banger? | Puffing Bird Wiki

For new dabbers when it comes to dabbing with a quartz banger, they'll always ask themselves the same question: How long should I heat my quartz banger for dabbing? 

There is no simple answer to that since quartz bangers from different brands are made from raw materials with different purity, and the purity of the raw material is only one of the many factors which will determine how long you should heat your quartz banger before it's ready for dabs. Sizes, the structure of designs, functionalities etc all play in crucial roles in this topic.

Heating Quartz Banger

On today's Puffing Bird Wiki, we'll pick some of the most popular quartz bangers we listed here on and walk you through how long should you heat these quartz bangers and why. 

1. The Thermochromic Quartz Banger

Heating Time: 7 Minutes

This is without a question, the MOST popular and loved quartz banger on Puffing Bird. The thermochromic materials in the banger are isolated and vacuumed sealed. Take the most popular one, the yellow one for example, when it's heated to around 500°F, which is the perfect dabbing temperature in our opinion, the thermochromic materials turn bright red, it acts as a dab timer but it's so much more convenient than using your phone or looking at the clock, once the color turned you'll know you're ready to dab!

The time it takes to heat this banger is a bit longer than other quartz bangers, since the bangers are made from extra thick quartz, and there is a vacuum sealed layer which is completely isolated from the outer atmosphere. You'll need to heat the banger for at least 7 minutes before you see any change in color.

Tips For Picking The Best Thermochromic Bucket Quartz Banger:

Inferior Thermochromic Buckets Won't Change Back To Its Original Color When It Cooled off. 

2. Thermal P Core Reactor Hybrid Quartz Banger

Heating Time: 5 Minutes

Thermal quartz bangers count as some of the commonly used quartz bangers in the dabber community due to its excellence alibility to maintain heat longer than most. 

In the Puffing Bird product develope team, we came up with an idea, adding a core reactor in the thermal quartz banger could increase the heating space, and an extra rod of quartz can undoubtedly help to preserve the temperature longer as well, the thermal P and core reactor hybrid quartz banger is our brainchild indicating there is still room for innovations of quartz bangers.

Thermal quartz bangers usually take about 5 minutes to heat up to the desired 500°F for dabbing.

3. Core Reactor Enail Quartz Banger

Heating Time: 3 Minutes

Enail dab kit for sale on comes with a standard quartz banger, if you are one of those dabbers who is into enail dabbing and wants to up your game by upgrading your banger, this core reactor enail banger is the perfect choice for you. 

Comparing to a standard enail quartz banger, the core reactor banger, as the name implies, featured a core reactor on the bottom of the banger. The core reactor adds more space for you to put your cannabis concentrates on. 

The quartz enail dab kit's standard heating coil can heat the banger to 500°F in just around 3 minutes, the basic principle applies to the core reactor banger as well, so the heating time for the banger is around 3 minutes, one of the quickest heated banger yet.

2. XXL 30mm Opaque Bottom Quartz Banger With Core Reactor

Heating Time: 3 Minutes

New materials are being tested and see if they are fit for making bangers every day, opaque bottom(or gravel bottom) is one of the lastest quartz bangers that heats up very quickly. 

Comparing to traditional thick bottom quartz bangers, the opaque bottom ones could be heated to the desired temperature for dabs in less than half the time. Better yet, the opaque bottom banger holds heat longer than most thick quartz bottom ones! 

Pointing a butane torch directly at the bottom for about 3 minutes, that's how long it will for the opaque bottom quartz banger to reach 500°F! Truly remarkable even when comparing to titanium nails!

1. Extra Thick 4mm Bottom Quartz Banger 

Heating Time: 4 Minutes

This is the cheapest quartz banger that we've listed on Puffing Bird. Low price doesn't necessarily mean it's poorly made, we can assure you that with proper care, this little quartz banger will last a lifetime of intense use! And this is the most common type of quartz banger you'll find on any headshop, both online and local headshops will carry them.

Since the heating chamber space in this little quartz banger is smaller than most, that means it takes less time to heat it up, extra thick bottom made this one better to hold heat

Through our tests, this little guy will heat up to 500°F in about 4 minutes and to 800°F in 7 minutes if you're into high-temperature dabs. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, most of the quartz bangers take about 5 minutes to heat up for dabs, you can't go too wrong here.

There are a lot of dabbers out there who like high-temperature dabs, well, we believe that low-temperature dabs are always better than high-temperature dabs, for the flavor of the dabs also for your health

A good rule of thumb: Use your hand to feel if the quartz banger is ready for dabs,  curl up your hand a little, put it a fist away from the banger and see if you can feel the heat radiating from the banger if the answer is yes you're ready to dab!

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