5 Best Quartz Bangers In 2018

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As marijuana/weed legalization process going smoothly in both the US and Canada, as the "Weed Business" grows, there are more cannabis products out there than ever. Dabbing cannabis concentrates is now considered one of the most healthy way to make use of marijuana without a combustion. 

One of the most common ways of dabbing is using a dab rig or a bong that you have along with a quartz banger or titanium nail. How to use a quartz banger you might ask, it's pretty simple:

1. Insert the quartz banger/titanium nail in the joint of your dab rig/bong/water pipe. Normally the joint size of your dab rig is 14mm male or female joint, 14mm is the most common used diameter for dab rigs.

2. Use a butane torch to heat the quartz banger to around 300~700 degrees Fahrenheit, 300~500 degrees are perfect for low temp dabs, which means you can have the best taste of your concentrates. 500+ degrees are more for hardcore dabbers who likes to take a completely vaporized dab in seconds.

3. Put the concentrates in the quartz banger or titanium nail, the heat of your banger will vaporize the concentrates immediately, then you inhale the vapor via your dab rig!

That's it! It's really just that simple! Now since we are over with the basic stuff, let's take a look at our pick for the 5 Best Quartz Banger For 2018 review! 

* The quartz bangers shown on the videos below are all 14mm quartz bangers.

5. The Bulldozer Quartz Banger

Price: $13.99

The bulldozer is one of our favorites in the office! The name is pretty self- explanatory, it looks like a tiny bulldozer! 

The wide, bucket-like cup increases the heating area. After heating up the extra thick 2mm bottom, as you put your concentrates of choice in, you will see massive vapor being generated and suck right into the dab rig for a premium experience! The extra thickness helps the Bulldozer to hold heat pretty well so you can take multiple dabs without needing to clean the quartz banger and heat it up again! It's a pretty decent banger for just $13.99!


4. The Terp Vaccum Quartz Banger

Price: $18.50

The terp vacuum quartz banger is truly one of a kind! It kinda looks like something out of a science fiction movie. This cool quartz banger is made of 100% pure quartz like all the other bangers on Puffing Bird. Unlike the other quartz bangers, the terp vacuum is featured with a larger heating area separated from the bucket, with that feature, you only need to heat the bottom half of the banger, the heat will hold on that particular area making the dabbing experience safer without worrying the heat being too close to the dab rig and breaking its joint. It's almost as safe

as a quartz enail banger.

When you heat the banger to your ideal temperature, you don't need to put the dabs in from the cup like any other quartz banger nail, you can put your concentrate on the dish located at the bottom of the nail, the dabs will vaporize and being sucked into the dab rig via the 4 holes in the middle of the dish! Pretty easy to operate if you have a shorter dab rig and you don't want your eye being too close to the quartz banger! A pretty thought out feature indeed.

we recommend to use this vaccum quartz banger with a quartz banger carb cap for maximum dabbing experience!


3. Thermal Core Reactor P Hybrid Quartz Banger

Price: $15.99

Do you like the thermal thermal quartz banger? Maybe you like the core reactor quartz banger as well?

How about both?

At Puffing Bird we always try our best to innovate base on our current products, we fused the thermal quartz banger and the core reactor banger, two of the best quartz bangers known for their ability to retain the heat, into one revolutionary quartz banger, the Thermal Core Reactor P Hybrid Quartz Banger. It's definitely one of the best quartz bangers on the market right now. You can easily dab more than 3 times when other bangers can only do one! 

Some said that dabbing isn't a group event, well, with this revolutionary

hybrid nail it definitely can be! Enjoying a Sunday afternoon dabbing sesh with your buddies won't be a fuss again!


2. XXL Opaque Bottom Quartz Banger With Core Reactor

Price: $25.99

Opaque bottom quartz banger? Is that a thing?

Of course it is, opaque bottom quartz banger becoming more and more popular in the last few months, making multiple appearances at many marijuana conventions like the Cannabis Cup.

Why would I want this cloudy looking white-ish bottom quartz banger instead of a full quartz one? 

Mainly because the opaque bottom quartz banger can be heated to the temperature you need to dab a lot faster than your ordinary quartz bangers. The opaque material itself is known for its ability to conduct heat, but we do know that means the opaque bottom can lose heat pretty quick as well. In order to solve the heat loss, we made the banger extra large and even fit in a core reactor in the center of the opaque bottom to maintain heat, and it does a very good job for doing so! 

You can use this banger like any other XL quartz bangers out there, shorter burn time and an extra large bucket allows you to take MONSTER dabs easily!

1. Thermochromic Bucket Quartz Banger 

Price: $26.99

...Aaaaand here we are, the #1 best quartz banger in 2018! The thermochromic Bucket Banger Nail is without a doubt, the MOST innovative banger in 2018.

As we all know, you don't know exactly when to dab and checking the temperature of the banger can be a pain the ass, checking the temperature with your hand while high? You are gonna have a bad time.

Unlike any other bangers which you are gonna go through a learning curve, you have to use them for a couple of times before you can trust your gut feeling that you can ready to dab after X minutes. This nail does all that for you, you don't need to check your phone or bothering Siri one more time, the Thermochromic Bucket's colored glass inside the vacuum seal quartz void changes color ( changes from bright yellow to bright red, the glass's color may vary for different color ones ) when it's heated to around 500 degrees Fahrenheit! 

A little shout out for our friends @Cannabis Research A-Z / www.calgarycmmc.com

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