How To Clean Quartz Bangers

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How To Clean Quartz Bangers

How To Clean Quartz Bangers    

Using a quartz banger to vaporize your cannabis concentrate is now counts as standard procedure and the cheapest and most reliable way to dab when it comes to dabbing. But we know that when it comes to cleaning, it could always be a pain in the ass. All those sticky materials seem impossible to come off no matter how hard to try to rub the inside using a q-tip. If you try to ignore the fact that your dab nails are dirty as hell and still trying to dab with them, you are going to have a really bad day. Not to mention your dab is going to taste horrible, the harmful substance created from burning the charred materials can do you no good, if you use charred quartz bangers frequently your are looking to do your lungs a lot of damages that could not be reversed.

We'll talk about how to prevent your dab nail being dirty and charred at the end of this article, today we are going to break down the steps we use all the time to clean our used and charred bangers. You'll learn how to clean your quartz bangers in just 4 simple steps.

Follow These 4 Steps To Clean Your Dirty Quartz Bangers

Using sea salt to clean quartz bangers

  1. Use Sea Salt To Give Your Dab Nail A Little Rub. Start with a little rub with sea salt can be a good start because the chemicals of the salt can break down the sticky charred materials covering the inside and out of your quartz bangers, if your hands are sensitive when it comes to touching rough salt you can always use a pair of glove or using a rag to do the job.

Using Alcohol To Clean Quartz Bangers

Using Ziplock Bags To Clean Quartz Bangers

  1. Soak Your Banger in A Ziplock Bag Filled With 99% Alcohol Solution. As we all know that alcohol could be extremely useful when it comes to cleaning your bong and glass pipes, well it' not an exception when it comes to quartz bangers as well, after the salt rub, put your dab nail in the Ziplock bag that is filled with 99% Alcohol solution. The ziplock should not be too big(wasting your alcohol solutions) nor too small(Hard to put your dab nail in there), make sure the bag doesn't contain too much bubble in there, squeeze the bubbles out when you ziplock the bag. Now all you do is wait, 24 hours should be efficient for the alcohol and salt mix solution to break down the charred residues inside the banger. Make it to 48 hours if you are not too confident.

Boiling Water To Clean Quartz Bangers

  1. Boil Your Quartz Banger In 100°C Water(Boiling Water). After soaking your quartz bangers in the alcohol and salt mix solution, all the charred residues should be softened quite a bit, but don't rush your process trying to use a Q-tip to finish the job just yet. Prepare a pot of water on your stove, heat it to 100° Celcius(boiling point) the out your dab nail in there, don't need to stir the pot, you can watch the charred residues coming off the piece like magic! Be patient, don't take the quartz banger out just yet, leaving it boiling in water for about 10 minutes.

Alcohol Wipes For Cleaning Quartz Bangers

  1. Use Alcohol Wipes To Finish The Job. When you take the banger out of the water you would probably see it sparkly clean, just like a new one! But we are not finished just yet. Find some of those alcohol wipes you use to clean your eyeglasses or phone screens, it should be pretty easy to come by, you can stock a 100 unit box from Amazon for about 5 bucks. If you don't have some laying around, you can always use a small piece of cloth, soak it with water and then give the banger a thorough wiping from top to bottom.

There! Your dab nail is now clean as new and ready to dab with again with your favorite dab rigs!

How To Prevent Your Quartz Banger Turning Yellow/Black In 4 Simple Steps

Just like any glassware, your quartz banger will eventually turn yellow or even black after a period of intense use. The best solution is not throwing out the old ones and getting new ones, maintain a clean dabbing piece is not that hard to do, it only requires a bit of time for cleaning up every time after use. As you probably know that the quartz material is one of the most reliable and strong materials out there, a well-maintained quartz banger could last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Here are a few simple tips to prevent your dabbing piece from turning yellow or black.

Never Over Heat Quartz Bangers

  1. Never Over Heat Your Quartz Bangers. We do understand that some dabbers would prefer high-temperature dabs, but that's harmful to both your lungs and your quartz bangers. Heating your quartz bangers higher than 800°F would vaporize your concentrate almost instantly and left behind a pile of charred materials on the bottom of your banger, some poorly made solvent-base concentrates/dabs could even catch on fire. Not only high temperature could ruin the taste of your concentrate if could also do a lot of damage to your lungs if you are using shorter cheap dab rigs that don't have enough percolators to chill the vapor when inhaling. Always heat your dab nails lower than 600°F. If you are a new dabber and you don't know how to tell how hot your banger gets, you could always use an enail set to pinpoint the temperature you need without all the guessing.

Here is an video example of how to use a desktop enail dab kit:

Heating Quartz Bangers Evenly

  1. Always Heat Your Quartz Banger Evenly. When you use a butane torch to heat your quartz banger, always remember to move the flame all over the nail to heat it evenly, you need the banger's temperature to be consistent and stable during the whole dabbing process. One of the most common mistakes made by the new dabbers is that they use the torch heat only the bottom of the banger, the temperature will differ from different parts of the banger and the bottom could be dangerously hot within a few seconds without you noticing, once you put in the concentrate, it will immediately be burned and charred and your dab piece could be ruin.

Here is an video example of how to heat your quartz  piece evenly using a butane torch:

Always Clean Your Quartz Banger Between Dabs

  1. Always Clean Your Quartz Banger Between Dabs. Some dabbers would think that cleaning the banger between dabs is too much trouble, well, telling from our experience, cleaning between dabs could be the most efficient way to prevent your quartz bangers turning yellow or black. If you don't use an alcohol soaked q-tip to clean up your dab piece between dabs, the flavor of your concentrate would mix and it won't be a pleasant experience, the residues from your last dab could already be condensed, if you leave it there on the bottom and trying the heat the banger again, you'll definitely taste the bitterness from cooking the residues.

Always Use Alcohol Soaked Q-Tips To Clean Up After Use

  1. Always Use Alcohol Soaked Q-Tips To Clean Up After Use. Just like we mention above, using alcohol-soaked q-tips to clean your banger is essential for the proper maintenance of your banger, if you are too lazy to clean up the quartz banger after using, next time when you try to use the banger you will find the condensed residue from last time had already hardened and almost impossible to remove. Using a knife or other sharp object trying to carve the residues out would leave scratch marks all over the inside of your banger at this point so don't bother yourself doing so.

In Conclusion

How to clean your quartz bangers

There are a lot of different ways to clean your quartz bangers, after all, it's not rocket science and there are more and more cleaning agents designed to clean quartz bangers nowadays. If you want to save yourself a few bucks, always keep your dab nails clean is the way to go!

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