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How To Use Quartz Bangers

How To Use Quartz Bangers | Dabbing 101 | Puffing Bird Wiki

Quartz bangers alongside with a dab rig or a wax rig are essential and are considered to be the standard practice when it comes to dabbing cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter and rosin. 

How To Use Quartz Bangers | Dabbing 101 | Puffing Bird Wiki

Since dabbing, comparing to smoking buds is much healthier because dabbing doesn't need any combustion to generate the CBD and THC like smoking. Dabbing only requires a dab nail that's hot enough to vaporize the cannabis concentrates of your choice. Traditional smoking requires combustion which will create a lot of harmful substances like tar, tar is toxic and will damage your lungs if you are a frequent smoker of hand-rolled joints. 

How To Use Quartz Bangers | Dabbing 101 | Puffing Bird Wiki

There are so many different types of quartz bangers out there nowadays, if you're a new dabber you're probably confused and don't know what to do with it, on today's Puffing Bird wiki Dabbing 101 series we'll be teaching you how to use your quartz banger in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Place The Quartz Banger In Your Dab Rig/Oil Rig

How To Use Quartz Bangers | Dabbing 101 | Puffing Bird Wiki

Easy enough, but you need to know the joint size of your dab rig first before purchasing a quartz banger, the most common size for dab rigs are 14mm female or male, so you'll need 14mm size quartz dab nail that's got the opposite sex joint for them to work together.

If you have a beaker-shaped dab rig you'll need a 45° angle banger to work with it, if you pair a 90° angle banger with it you'll need to tilt the dab rig to a certain angle before using. 

Make sure the fit is tight if the fit is not tight enough you'll pull in the air once you inhale.

Step 2: Heat Your Quartz Banger Evenly With A Butane Torch

heating quartz banger with butane torch

Bury in mind that you are holding a butane torch that could generate a massive amount of heat, the tip of the flame that an ordinary home-use butane torch generates is around 2600°F(1400°C)! 

No matter what, don't get the dab rig with quartz banger too close to yourself and never point the flame toward yourself, make sure there are no flammable items around the torch, especially alcohol or other household cleaning agents that might contain alcohol or could generate flammable fumes.

Once you're ready, get the torch on and move the flame slowly and evenly all over the quartz banger, patience is the key.

Some inexperienced new dabbers tend to heat only the bottom of the banger which is not the correct practice, as we mentioned above, the tip of the flame is super hot and if you point the flame directly at the bottom of the banger without moving the flame, the bottom will get dangerously hot within a few seconds, once you put the cannabis concentrates in it will be burned and left some nasty charred residues on the bottom which will definitely be a pain in the ass to clean, not to mention the damages that high-temperature dabs could do to your lungs. we have another article about how to clean your quartz bangers

How to know when the quartz banger is hot enough for dabs?

Use your hand to feel the temperature, don't worry we are not asking you to touch the red-hot quartz banger, place your hand a fist away from the quartz banger and see if you can feel the heat radiating from the banger, if you can feel it, you're ready to dab! 

Step 3: Put Your Cannabis Concentrates In The Banger.

Cannabis Concentrates - How To Use a Quartz Banger

Many videos on youtube show stoner YouTubers placing a big slap of rosin in the dab nail using their hands, well we're not trying to become famous here so let's just stick to the basics. 

Cannabis Concentrates - How To Use A Quartz Banger - Dabbing 101

As you know there are a lot of different types of concentrates out there, most of them are sticky so you can use a dabber with carver to carve a piece of your concentrate then it will stick on your dabber nicely, then put it in your banger. Simple as that.

You can practically use anything to put the wax or rosin or shatter in the banger, there are no wrong answers here.

Step 4: Use A Dabber To Stir Your Concentrates.

If you are dabbing dense concentrates like live rosin(my favorite solventless dab :) ), especially if your quartz banger was not heated evenly and adequately, the rosin will be burned and charred quite easily.

It is better for you to get a dabber and stir the rosin in your banger once you put it in, stir it in a circle, the walls of the banger is still hot so there is more surface to vaporize your concentrates. 

Please note that a dabber is not a must-have item for dabbing, there are many dabbers on our website that's interestingly designed and they are easily affordable, to pick one up or not is just a personal choice, for me personally, I always dab with a dabber.

Step 5: Use A Carb Cap For Carbs

Using a carb cap to prevent the vapor from escaping and build up a large amount of vapor so you can have a big hit! 

There are many types of carb caps out there made from different materials like glass, quartz even wood. To summarize the characteristics of the carb caps it could be divided into two major types: Ones with carb holes and the ones that don't.

A carb cap with carb holes like the quartz bubble carb cap or the ufo carb cap can bring in air from the outside and as you move the carb cap around, the direction of the air flow will change so it could stir the concentrate in the banger, works like an invisible dabber, a pretty dope feature!

Carb caps that don't have carb holes are mostly used on vacuum sealed or double layer bangers like the thermochromic bucket banger or the thermal P banger, or bangers that have extra thick bottoms like the extra thick opaque bottom bangers.

Since these bangers can preserve heat relatively longer, you don't need to stir the concentrates too much so with or without a carb hole doesn't matter that much. 

Just put the carb cap on the banger to let it build up a cloud of smoke then take the carb cap away for carbs. 

In Conclusion

How To Use Quartz Bangers | Dabbing 101 | Puffing Bird Wiki

That's it! Now you know all the steps for using a quartz banger, go out and get some of your favorite dabs and dab away! 

Cannabis concentrates are getting cheaper and cheaper by the day thanks to the marijuana decriminalization and legalization process across the United States, not to mention that Canada just passed the bill to legalize marijuana for both medical and entertaining use on the national level(Good job Canada!). Legal cannabis farms are sprouting in North America, this causes the price of marijuana buds to drop rapidly and cannabis concentrates no matter solvent-based or solventless are becoming more and more popular since the raw material can be easily and cheaply purchased and process. 

Here on Puffing Bird, we carry a wide range of quartz bangers and their accessories like dabbers and carb caps, all quartz dab nails and accessories are available for our global free shipping service! check them out!

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