Bongs also known as "Water Pipes Bongs also known as "Water Pipes" have been used for smoking dry herbs for almost 2000 years, it's considered to be one of the most popular ways of smoking even in today's world..

Thanks to the "Stoner Creativity" and the legalization of marijuana use in the past few decades, people invented countless forms of cool bongs, like the gravity bongs, gas mask bongs, silicone pipes, etc.


Cheap bongs don't necessarily mean low quality, the manual labor cost way less in China than in the US or Spain, so the bongs or water pipes imported from China usually are 3 times cheaper than local made US glass. Bongs under $100 are easy to find on

Glass bongs or glass water pipes are the most popular and considered to be the best bong of all. Glass, as everyone knows, is a see-through type of material so you can watch the smoking from burning the dry herb form and gathered in the glass chambers! Glass bongs are known to have so many different characteristics, many of the glass bongs have different types of animal/anime/cartoon themed pedants on them, everyone can pick a bong that they like.

Silicone bongs are one of the new forms of water pipes(Bubblers), due to the silicone material's high temp tolerance, unbreakable feature and foldable feature it's going to be one of the major ways of consuming dry herbs with bong bowls. Silicone bongs are known to have colorful and have many shapes that are hard for glass bongs to form.

If you are into the kinky stuff you can always check out our novelty bong category, they are whether make from uncommon materials or have some features that mainstream bongs don't have. Like the coffee mug bong for example. They can be your perfect gift to stoner friends!

Mini bongs or small bongs are one of our favorites, you can take the mini bongs anywhere you go, perfect for traveling and having a picnic sesh with friends outdoors!

If you are looking for something to filter out most of the harmful substance from smoking dry herbs, a percolator bong will be perfect for you! Percolator bongs are known to have one or more than one percolators in the glass bong structure to filter out the ash and tar from burning the dry herbs, giving you the smoothest smoking experience possible, it's easier on your throat and your lung! There are many percolator bongs for sale on Puffing Bird with ice catchers that mean you can put ice even snow to have a smoother rip!

Recycler bongs are fun to look then in use, you can see the water and smoke going round and round in through the recycling pipes of the bong. But recycler bongs are known to be more fragile than the bubbler bongs.

Beakers Bongs are a highly-desired body style regardless of whether you choose to medicate through a Dab Rig or a Bong.  The broader shape of the beaker bongs helps in providing a more stabilized base which can hold more water as compared to the conventional straight tube bong.

The extra water storage allows you to regulate the type of Perc filtration as well as the level of drag resistance during inhalation. The beaker bong is commonly used along with a removable down stem as well as a concentrate nail or a bowl peace. Dab Rig, on the other hand,d use a fixed stem.  Beaker bongs are easy to clean at the same time they also require less cleaning due to their unique features

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