What Makes Glass Weed Pipes Best For Smoking

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What Makes Glass Weed Pipes Best For Smoking

What Makes Glass Weed Pipes Best For Smoking - Puffing Bird Wiki

Stoners for have used weed pipes almost 2000 years since the way of consuming marijuana/cannabis is through combustion, weed bowls or weed pipe had been developed by stoners for many centuries. 

History Of Weed Pipes

What Makes Glass Weed Pipes Best For Smoking - History Of Weed Pipes

Weed pipes were made from so many different kinds of materials, interesting enough, weed pipes seemed to be developed by what kind of materials the humankind had at that time. 

Almost all the ancient cultures had some form of pipe smoking traditions, carrying both religious and social meanings. 

History Of Glass Weed Pipes - Puffing Bird Wiki

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For example, Indians used wood from trees to build their pipes for weed more than 2000 years ago, weed or marijuana at that time was mostly used for religious purposes, and the Chinese and Vietnamese used bamboo to make primary water pipes or bongs for smoking marijuana more than 1000 years ago. 

As humankind entered the 20th century, after the industrial revolution, since metal had become so cheap and so easy to acquire at that time, metal pipes were being used to smoke cannabis. Most of the time people will use metal to make the bowl piece and the mouthpiece to ensure durability, sometimes even use a metal coating to reinforce their beloved wooden pipe for both tobacco and cannabis consumption.

As you can see, the development of weed pipes/weed bowls mostly depend on what's the best material we have at that time, these pipes are functional and all but most of them were lack of cosmetic beauty, that's when the glass pipes came into the play.

The Making Of Glass Pipes

Glass Blowing For Glass Weed Pipes - Puffing Bird Wiki

Glass pipes are mostly made from borosilicate glass, the type of material that was known for its ability to withstand a massive amount of heat (thermal shock), it was made from melting boric oxide, silica sand, soda ash, and alumina, giving the material a natural transparent look and also extremely reliable when it comes to smoking since the melting point of such material can withstand high temperatures up to 500°C, no ordinary lighter could ever produce that kind of heat.

Blowing A Glass Pipe - Puffing Bird Wiki

Reliability is not the only reason why glass weed pipes had become the standard accessory for stoners, the looks of the glass pipes can be shaped in any way the glass artists desire, and the colors range can be so wide almost all the colors can be featured into glass pipes. 

Glass artists all over the world are experimenting new ways to make glass pipes look good all the time, fuming, for example, is a technique that is commonly used in glass blowing to add an overall trippy color to the glass pipes, this kind of techniques requires experienced glass blowers to accomplish.

Comparing to wooden pipes or metal pipes, glass pieces are so much better when it comes to heat isolation. You won't feel the heat whenever you want to light a bowl. 

Tips For Purchasing A Weed Pipes 

For anyone who is looking for buying a glass weed pipe for smoking, you can't really go wrong. No matter a bubbler, a Sherlock pipe or a spoon pipe, you'll always find something for yourself. 

The price is one factor that might limit your options. 

Typically speaking, the prices of the pipes depends on the making process, how hard or complicated a pipe was being made and the materials that were used will determine the price of the pipe, for example, a bubbler could be more expensive than a spoon pipe that's about the same size, since bubblers are harder to make because the glass blowers need to blow a bubble-like space on the bowl in order to store water for filtration.

And there are some themed pipes or novelty pipes that need unique pre-made pendants to decorate them(like the turtle themed pipe listed on PuffingBird.com), the materials aren't expensive, the time that the glass artists need to invest to complete one of these pipes can be much longer, the time and the thoughts of the glass artists invested in pipes are also a factor that would affect the price of the pipes.

Watch This Glass Pipe Blowing Video By Purr Glass:

Just like clothing, pieces of jewelry, and shoes or other fashion accessories, there are so many glass pipes on the market that bears the signature of the designer, prices ranging from $1 to a few thousand, there is always a pipe for you.

A Bit Of Personal Thoughts...

Smoking a weed bowl - Puffing Bird Wiki

A glass pipe could be so personal to someone, for me personally, I purchased this small spoon pipe back in 2007 and I've carried it around for almost 12 years, since it's so solidly built from high-quality material, although the pipe is now covered with small scratches, it never broke, not even any small crack in it from all these year's rough use.

Themed weed pipe - Puffing Bird Wiki

And once you've bought your first glass pipe, you don't stop from there, you'll keep on buying, making a small or large collection yourself. Later on, you'll find that you don't use most of them, they are so pretty sitting there, for me it's kind of like collecting stamps or hot wheels, a collection including a bunch of different types of glass pipes always impress my friends whenever they come over. 

Why Buying Your Pipes From Puffing Bird?

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Here in Puffing Bird, we've always been holding the highest standard when it comes to pipes, we work directly with factories and we inspect every single one of our pipes before they could be stocked in our warehouse for cracks or other problems. 

We make sure that our manufacturers are using laboratory level raw materials to make the pipes, and the glass blowing artists are receiving fair pay for their hard work, product safety and the principle of fair trade has always been the base value for Puffing Bird. 

Since we're working directly with factories, we could guarantee that the prices of the pipes we list on Puffing Bird are the lowest among all the headshops. Wholesales are always welcomed.

We do understand the glass pipes could be broken due to rough handling from shipping, so we have a free reship program, all you need to do is to take a picture of your broken piece, then we'll send you a new one, completely free of charge!  

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