What is a Sherlock Pipe?

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What is a Sherlock Pipe?

What is a Sherlock Pipe?

The Sherlock pipe is a classic glass pipe that is modeled after the pipe smoked by the iconic Sherlock Holmes. The Sherlock pipe presents both a flair for style and practicality. Its name is derived from its shape.

Typically, the Sherlock pipes feature a large bowl with an arched stem that allows smooth, clean hits. The arched design allows the smoke to cool for a bit longer before you can inhale. This helps lessen the strong, harsh hits common with dry hand pipes.

Some Sherlock pipes feature a Carb behind or on the side of the bowl to help regulate the airflow. Covering the Carb will stop the flow of the smoke while releasing it causes the smoke to go through the mouthpiece once again.

The bottom of the bowl is flat, which enables the piece to stand up without tipping over.  This minimizes any breakage when in use.

The Sherlock pipe is an excellent choice for smokers who seek a dependable, sophisticated smoking device.

History of Sherlock Pipes

What is a Sherlock Pipe

Before they were officially labeled Sherlock pipe, they were referred to as billiards or bings. Their popularity can be seen across the world. They have a unique design that is attractive and sets them apart from spoons, chillums, bongs and other types of glass pieces.

Depending on the size of the bowl on the Sherlock pipe, you can get anywhere between three to six hits.  But, if you are careful not to torch your dry herb and instead take hits while carefully lighting the corners or sides of the bowl, you can get consistently higher hits.

Types of Sherlock Pipes

There are a variety of Sherlock pipes depending on your preference and smoking needs.  Different companies make their own signature pipes and they have for a long time been seen a classic among smokers across the globe.  Additionally, they are portable and are ideal for group sessions.

Let’s look at the major types of Sherlock pipes.

  • Wooden Sherlocks
  • Glass Sherlocks
  • Metal Sherlocks

Wooden Sherlocks

What is a Sherlock Pipe

If you want to smoke in a superior class and style, a classic wooden pipe is your choice.  Wooden pipes are versatile and have a unique style and design. Most of these pieces are made from hardwood types, with the softer wood being used in making the elongated stems. Wooden Sherlocks can be used for dry herbs as well as traditional tobacco products.  

An advantage of these pipes is that they are unbreakable. They are also made from different wood finish making them unique.

Glass Sherlock

What is a Sherlock Pipe

Similar to other glass pieces, the glass Sherlocks come in more elaborate designs in their construction and shape.  Although they are more expensive than the wooden pipes, they are easy to clean and maintain a pure taste of the smoke.

Glass Sherlocks are thick and durable. However, it is still easy to crack and break the glass. They should be handled with care.

Metal Sherlocks

Metal pipes are the most durable type of pipes. They are easy to clean and some designs look futuristic.

The only drawback with metal pipes is that they may change the flavor of the smoke.

Benefits of Sherlock Pipes

  • Sherlock pipes have been popular among smokers for their stylish design, ease of use and classic appearance. The glass pipes are the favorites of many due to their diversity and ease of use.

  • Sherlock pipes do not heat up quickly. They feature large carbs and bowls, making your smoking experience tastier and more enjoyable.


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