Types Of Electric Dab Rigs

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Types Of Electric Dab Rigs

Ever since dabbing cannabis concentrates is considered to be the most healthy way of consuming cannabis, there are many different types of dab rigs for vaporizing your cannabis concentrates.

Some are as simple as slapping a quartz banger onto your old beaker bong and convert it into a rig, some likes to just buy and use a wax rig right out of the box and stoners who like verticle dabbing would go with a nectar collector kit

All these different types of dab rigs all require a butane torch for heating the quartz banger or titanium dab nail to the right temperature, hot enough to vaporize the concentrate of your choice.

But as we mentioned in multiple articles we wrote on Puffing Bird wiki, using a butane torch could be potentially dangerous, you probably don't want to operate a tool that could generate 1500 degrees ferenheight flame when you're high as a kite. 

So that's when the electric dab rigs come in handy! As the name indicates, electric dab rigs use electricity to heating the quartz banger or the titanium dab nail to the desired dabbing temperature instead of a butane torch.

Electric dab rigs are considered the safest way to for dabbing but there are so many different types of electric dab rigs on the market which they all claim themselves to be the best,  you're probably wondering which one suits you the best and don't know where to start. 

As the product manager of Puffing Bird, before listing any product on PuffingBird.com I must try out the product myself then decide whether the product is good enough for our site, including all types of electric dab rigs.

So today on Puffing Bird Wiki I'll share my in-depth knowledge about all types of electric dab rigs on the market at the moment and hope this article could help you make up your mind! 

1. Desktop E-Nail With Glass Dab Rig Bundles.


This type of rig had always been the best selling series on Puffing Bird.

Basics Of Desktop E-Nail Bundles

Generally speaking, an enail dab rig bundle includes essentials for dabbing: 

A PID controller -  This unit is the brain of the enail kit, it connects to the power outlet via an ordinary power cable and the heating coil via the XLR joint, the monitor and the control panel is for showing and setting the controller to your desired dabbing temperature(350~500 for low-temp dabs and 700 for high-temp dabs.)

A Heating Coil - Heating coil comes in many different sizes(10mm, 16mm, 20mm) and shape(Flat for hybrid dab nails and barrel coil for quartz bangers and electric nectar collector tips), you'll probably be thinking, it's just like any old heating coil, not true, enail heating coils also features a thermocouple sensor in the coil to transfer real-time temperature back to the PID controller so you know how hot the coil is and whether you're ready to dab.

An Enail Banger - Just like any dab nail that needs to be heated, an enail banger could be a pure quartz banger, a pure titanium nail or hybrid titanium nail with a quartz dish. The enail banger is normally designed to fit the heating coil, the most common size for an enail banger is 20mm.  Most of the enail bangers are dual purpose when the PID controller or the heating coil malfunctioned you can still use a butane torch to heat it. 

A Glass Dab Rig - There are many different types of dab rigs we include in the desktop enail bundles, it works like any ordinary dab rig. 


    • Durability - A desktop enail with dab rig bundle is the best type of electric dab rig for a home sesh, all the parts and accessories can be bought and replaced quite easily and cheaply as well. 
    • Best Value - All the enail bundles listed on Puffing Bird are priced under $200, the dab rig alone is worth more than $80. 
    • Smoothest Hits - since it features a full-size glass dab rig, it provides the smoothest hits.


    • Not Portable - The enail PID controller needs to be connected to the power outlet when in use, so if you want an electric dab rig that could bring along on the go, you might want to consider purchasing other types of rigs.

    2. Electric Nectar Collectors/Dab Straws/Dab Sticks


    An electric nectar collector is considered to be the best type of electric dab rig for traveling, if you had a glass nectar collector before you'll know what to do with an electric one right away, there will be no learning curve. 

    There are many brands that make electric nectar collectors/dab sticks like Dr.Dabber, Dabado, Honey Badger and G9. 

    Basics Of Electric Nectar Collectors

    Nectar collectors are very popular among the cannabis community being the only verticle dabbing tool, it's quite unique.

    Ever since the original nectar collector is being sold, there are many nectar collector style dab sticks that work similar as the original but with small or big alteration in cosmetic design or function, but the dabbing basics remain the same:

    Heating Up The Tip - Just like any titanium/quartz dab nail, you'll need to heat the tip of the nectar collector hot enough to vaporize concentrates/oil, for traditional glass or silicone nectar collectors you'll need to use a butane torch, for electric nectar collectors though, the heating is done electronically and on some certain models you can choose the temperature of the nail for different types of concentrates/oils. Unlike traditional glass nectar collectors that uses a quartz or titanium tip, electric ones usually feature a ceramic tip.
    Inhale - That's right, simple as that, there isn't a lot for you to do once the nail is heated, just stick the tip onto the concentrates and start inhaling! Most of the electric nectar collectors feature a glass bubbler that you can put water in for lowering the temperature of the vapor to achieve the smoothest hits.


      • Super Portable - An electric nectar collector is without a doubt one of the most portable devices for dabbing on the go, it's extremely easy to use, the glass bubbler and other attachments can be taken apart and clean separately. 
      • Affordable Pricing - Almost all the electric nectar collectors are priced under $100, great for first-time dabbers.


      • Replacements are hard to find and often expensive, especially the heating tip of the electric nectar collector is made from ceramic, it's known to be very fragile and prone to hard surfaces.
      • Not great for oils - Just like the traditional glass nectar collectors, when the tip loses heat and you're still inhaling, there is a big possibility that instead of vaporizing the oils, you could be sucking raw oil into the glass bubbler or even worst, straight into your mouth! 

      3. Portable Enail Bubblers


      Basics of Portable E-nails

      The idea of an electric dab rig that can generate enough heat(around 500°F) to vaporize cannabis concentrates aren't that hard to find, vape pens are using the same mechanism to vaporize vape juice, so the idea of a portable enail comes along. 

      Unlike the vape pen which can only vape juice, which is a mix of fluid fragrance and vegetable oil, a portable enail, or e-rig must be able to vaporize solid cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter and budder. So it will need to have an opening and a reasonable size dab nail to place the cannabis concentrates in. 


      • Super Portable - Just like the electric nectar collector, a portable enail is perfect for travel.
      • Good For All Concentrates - Unlike the electric nectar collectors, the portable enail is good for all kinds of cannabis extracts, not only the solid concentrates like wax, shatter and budder also liquid concentrates like CBD oils. 
      • Smooth Hits - Provides some of the smoothest hit a portable dabbing device can provide. 
      • Different Dish For Different Concentrates - Quartz dish for low-temperature dabs and titanium for high-temperature dabs.


      • Not As Durable As Desktop Enails - Just like any vape pen that could go wrong for no obvious reason at all, the portable enails are very much the same, I'm not saying that portable enails could break down overnight just that it could never be as stable and durable as a desktop unit. 


      Why Dabbing Has Becoming More And More Popular?

      Ever since the legalization towards both medical and entertainment use of cannabis/marijuana, as the process moves along, cannabis flowers or buds are becoming more and more available.

      Dabbing with a dab rig

      As the prices for the dry buds dropped dramatically, stoners and cannabis growers were thinking: Is it possible to make cannabis concentrates more available? 

      That's when the dabbing game starts, it's not like people doesn't know you can extract cannabis concentrates from cannabis via different types of extraction technology, just back then cannabis buds aren't as available as they are today. The scale of the cannabis farms(both indoor and outdoor) are merely mind-blowing, they are producing thousands of pounds of dry cannabis buds every harvest.

      Cannabis Farm

      Photo Credit: thecannabist.com

      It's due to these fantastic change in the volume of cannabis output that makes the dabbing game possible. As you can see in the chart below, in 2016, the sales growth of cannabis concentrates in Colorado retail sales is around 125%! Comparing to 11% of the dry flower consumption growth, the cannabis concentrates sales had grown more than 10 times

      Cannabis Concentrates Vs Dry Flowers Sales Growth Chart 2016

      Photo Credit: PotGuide.com Source: BDS Analytics

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