What's A Portable Enail?

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What's A Portable Enail?

Enail or E nails, the concept had been around since 2013, enails in full stands for electric dab nails, the device that dabber uses to heat their quartz banger without the help of a butane torch, making them the safest device when it comes to dabbing. 

Desktop enails as we know it needs to be plugged into a power source to provide electricity, through the PID controller to set the power output(setting the temperature) to the heating coil, as the heating coil begins heating, the heat will pass to the quartz banger or the titanium dab nail making them hot enough to vaporize cannabis concentrates. 

The practice became so popular that in 2015 the needs for an enail in the dabber community reached its peak, everyone wants to get their hands on one.

Desktop Enail

But it doesn't mean there is no downside of using a desktop enail, it's like a desktop PC that must be connected to a power source for it to work. So the enail dab kits are limited for stationary use.

Dabber would always want something that's lighter and carry along with them on the go.

Just like any electronic devices, like your phone even your toaster, people will always find a way to improve their experience of something, the enail dab kits aren't an exception.

The idea of a device that can generate enough heat(around 500°F) to vaporize cannabis concentrates aren't that hard to find, vape pens are using the same mechanism to vaporize vape juice, so the idea of a portable enail comes along. 

What Makes A Portable Enail

The Concept 

Concept Of Portable Enails

Unlike the vape pen which can only vape juice, which is a mix of fluid fragrance and vegetable oil, a portable enail, or e-rig must be able to vaporize solid cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter and budder. So it will need to have an opening and a reasonable size dab nail to place the cannabis concentrates in. 

The Body

ecube master body - portable enail

The body is the "brain" part of the whole set, it's essentially a powerful vaporizer in nature, unlike any ordinary vaporizer that only requires 400°F to vaporize vape juice, the body will need to heat the dab nails as high as 700°F for high-temperature dabs. This will require a lot of energy,  a 18650 battery will be standard to the portable enails. 

Portable enail 18650

A heating rod is connected to the two electro sockets, by pressing the button on the body, the PCB logic board(the computer) is responsible for telling the heating rod how hot it should heat to, some of the smarter portable enails even have some preset modes to sue different types of dab nails are being used on them. Like the Dabado Bolt 2 series and the ecube master series. 

portable enail heating rods

The heating rod is always designed to be easily removed so it can be changed, you'll need to change the heating rod from time to time if you feel that the time needed for heating the dab nails takes longer. 

portable enail heating rods

The head of the body provides an 18mm male connection to fit in any glass attachment that's 18mm female.

The Dab Nails

Portable enails dab nail

The dab nails that are being used on the portable enails works the same way as any quartz banger or titanium dab nail, only the heating mechanism is different, the portable enails have a heating rod that heats up relatively quick and stable. 

Portable enails dab nail

The dab nails are designed to be screwed on and off from the body with ease.

Dab nails for portable enails are usually made from 3 types of material: Ceramic, Quartz, and Titanium. Some brands include all three of these dab nails in one set!

Portable enails quartz dab nail

Quartz and ceramic dab nails are the best when it comes to flavors, but it has some downsides as well, comparing to a titanium dab nail the quartz and ceramic dab nails takes a bit longer to heat up but they could provide you with the purest taste of your concentrates, perfect for low-temperature dabs that only requires temperature around 500°F.

Portable enails titanium dab nail

Titanium dab nails, however, speed and temperature is the key, if you want to get the temperature up to 700°F as fast as possible, you'll find that the titanium dab nail is the best for you.

The Glass Attachment(Dab Rig)

Portable enails Glass Attachments

The portable enail looks and works like a vape pen, unlike the vape pen, it usually comes with a glass attachment that works just like any dab rig, it provides filtration and at the same time cools down the vapor. 

You can find a lot of glass attachments on Puffing Bird that suits you the best.

Why Dabbing Has Becoming More And More Popular?

Ever since the legalization towards both medical and entertainment use of cannabis/marijuana, as the process moves along, cannabis flowers or buds are becoming more and more available.

Dabbing with a dab rig

As the prices for the dry buds dropped dramatically, stoners and cannabis growers were thinking: Is it possible to make cannabis concentrates more available? 

That's when the dabbing game starts, it's not like people doesn't know you can extract cannabis concentrates from cannabis via different types of extraction technology, just back then cannabis buds aren't as available as they are today. The scale of the cannabis farms(both indoor and outdoor) are merely mind-blowing, they are producing thousands of pounds of dry cannabis buds every harvest.

Cannabis Farm

Photo Credit: thecannabist.com

It's due to these fantastic change in the volume of cannabis output that makes the dabbing game possible. As you can see in the chart below, in 2016, the sales growth of cannabis concentrates in Colorado retail sales is around 125%! Comparing to 11% of the dry flower consumption growth, the cannabis concentrates sales had grown more than 10 times

Cannabis Concentrates Vs Dry Flowers Sales Growth Chart 2016

Photo Credit: PotGuide.com Source: BDS Analytics

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