Everything You Need To Know: 510 Thread Batteries

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Everything You Need To Know: 510 Thread Batteries

What Is A 510 Thread Battery?

A 510 thread battery or 510 thread vape pen is referring to the type of handheld portable vaporizer battery that fits and operable for all 510 thread prefilled cartridges, atomizers, or 510 tanks. 

The 510 thread battery is widely accepted by the vaping and stoner community since they are very affordable and you can purchase one from any online or local smoke shop easily, some prefilled 510 thread THC/CBD cartridges vendors would even give you a 350 mAh fixed voltage battery for free if you buy more than a certain number of their cartridges, it's pretty much the common practice in the industry.

How Do You Use A 510 Thread Battery?

First of all, you'll need to make sure the canister of the cartridge you bought indeed features a 510 threading connection, you can check the packaging of your cartridge or simply ask the vendor the connector type before you make a purchase. 

The actual installation for a 510 thread canister/cartridge to a 510 thread battery is quite simple, you'll notice the battery itself features a female thread and the canister/cartridge features a male thread, all you need to do is gently screw the 510 thread cartridge on clockwise. 

You'll need to be careful not to screw it too loose, a loose cartridge will not be able to be powered by the battery and if you screw it too tight you'll have a problem trying to get it off the battery after you finished your session or trying to switch canisters for wax or dry herb. 

Since there are mainly two types of 510 thread batteries on the market, the fixed voltage ones, and the variable voltage ones, we'll talk you through how to operate each one of them in detail.

Please note that not all the 510 thread batteries are the same when it comes to power on/off, adjusting the temperature or preheat by pressing the buttons, some specific models of 510 thread batteries are uniquely designed to the brand's ideology of what makes a great product, please check your user's manual or ask your vendor if you are not sure.

  • The Fixed Voltage 510 Thread Batteries - After making sure that the 510 thread cartridge is screwed on with a good fit, by pressing the button five times rapidly you'll see the LED light on the power button turns on and flash for a few times, that means the battery is now on, and by pressing the button the atomizer of your 510 thread cartridge will start working then you can inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece.
  • The Variable Voltage 510 Thread Batteries - Just like the fixed voltage batteries, you press the power button five times rapidly to turn the unit on or off, by pressing the button two times quickly the unit will be in what's called the "preheat" mode, and by pressing the button three times rapidly, you will see the led light turns into a different color, each color represents a voltage setting, please note that some of the 510 thread batteries feature a dial on the bottom of the battery which allows you to choose the voltage for different types of concentrates or atomizers that might require higher or lower voltage settings. 
  • The Buttonless 510 Thread Batteries - This is a relatively new type of 510 thread batteries that you don't need to press any button to operate, simply screw the 510 thread cartridge on and inhale, the"air switch"inside the vape pen will detect the airflow, and it will power on automatically, but the downside being, the buttonless batteries are fixed voltage so if you're planning to use a dry herb tank or a wax tank it won't be performing great. 
  • The Disposable 510 Thread Batteries - It works just like any buttonless 510 thread batteries except it doesn't have any charging port or built-in cable for recharging it, it's most commonly seen in vape shops which their main product being the prefilled 510 cartridges and the disposable 510 thread battery comes as a freebie. We don't recommend using disposable vape pens since they are extremely wasteful and bad for our environment. 

What Type Of Atomizers Can A 510 Thread Battery Use?

Since the 510 thread battery is widely accepted, almost the universal vape pen type on the market, there are a lot of different kinds of atomizers for different kinds of purposes. Simply put, there are three major types of canister/cartridge out there that can be used for dry herb, wax, and oil. 

The prices of the 510 thread atomizers vary from just under $10 all the way to $100+, and please be aware that there are many knockoffs on the market that doesn't work or could potentially be dangerous, always buy your vaping supplies from a reputable vendor.

  • For Oil - This is the major type of cartridge that 510 thread batteries are used for, you can buy a prefilled THC/CBD/Vape Juice 510 thread cartridge or you can buy empty 510 thread cartridge/tank and fill it with the type of oil that you want, most of the 510 thread cartridges or tanks for oil feature a ceramic heating coil which is very durable and will be able to be reused for a few more times if you got the time to refill them. 
  • For Dry Herb - Yes, there are canisters/tank made for smoking dry herb, somebody might ask if they can use the atomizer for oil to vape dry herbs, the answer is simply no, it doesn't work that way, to vape or bake dry herb requires 510 thread dry herb tank, the way how a canister for dry herb works is quite simple, most of them(cheaper ones mostly) features a flat spiral coil just like the lighter you have in your car, by pressing the power button of your 510 thread battery, the coil goes into a controlled short-circuit, and it'll glow in red because of the heat and ignite the ground dry herb that you've put in. For the more expensive 510 thread dry herb tanks, they will feature a ceramic chamber to contain and "bake" the dry herb, that's considered to be healthier than the ones that ignite the dry herb. 
  • For Wax - Since cannabis concentrates are getting cheaper by the day, 510 thread tank makers or brands can not oversee the massive demand for 510 tanks that could be used for vaping wax, shatter, resin, and more cannabis concentrate on the market. The 510 tanks for concentrates generally feature a ceramic chamber (just like some 510 dry herb tanks ) or a quartz chamber, when it comes to vaping concentrates, it's all about preserving the flavors during heating and there are many branded 510 concentrate tanks that do the job perfectly and they are considered to be the best solution to dab outdoors.

How Much Does A 510 Thread Battery Cost? 

Just like pipes and bongs, the prices for 510 thread batteries vary from less than $10 all the way to $100+, branded ones can go as far as $500. But generally speaking, a 510 thread battery with decent battery life and design will cost you around $30, if you're new to vaping oil, dry herb or wax using a 510 thread battery you can always check out your local headshop or smoke shop and ask the staff to pick one for you. 

How To Choose The Best 510 Thread Battery? 

Besides your budget, there are some other factors you need to consider before purchasing your first 510 thread battery.

  • Battery Quality(Or Battery Life) - This is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a battery, just like any electronic devices, a low-quality battery doesn't simply affect the number of sessions you can have before it needs to be recharged, it can post some potential danger like getting really hot, some might even catch on fire, now imagine the battery catching on fire in your pocket or in your backpack, that's not going to be a pretty scene. So make sure you ask the vendor about the quality of the battery of your 510 thread vape pen before purchase, choose branded 510 thread batteries instead of some cheap ones on DHgate or eBay. 
  • The mAh Factor - It's a unit used for measuring the battery capacity of the 510 thread battery, basically the "mAh" factor determines how many times you can vape before the 510 thread battery needs to be recharged. Generally speaking, a 510 thread battery with a fixed battery features batteries ranging from 300 mAh to 1500 mAh, bigger the number, more sessions you can have, simple as that. 
  • Variable Voltage Or Fixed Voltage - If you want a one-stop solution for vaping dry herb, oil, and wax, you'll need to purchase a 510 thread battery with variable voltage function, as we mentioned above different types of 510 thread atomizers requires different voltage settings for them to work the best, for example, if you're using a 510 dry herb tank to vape ground materials it will require higher voltage setting(more than 3.5V). If you want to switch to vaping oil, you'll want to dial down the voltage setting down to below 3V to prevent your oil from burning. Please note that variable voltage 510 thread batteries will cost more than a fixed voltage battery, but if you're vaping prefilled 510 cartridges mostly, a fixed voltage battery will fit you the most. 
  • Portability - There are many types of 510 thread batteries out on the market with many features, but we can separate most of them by their portability. The bigger 510 thread batteries which are powered by a replaceable 1850 battery are called a "MOD", this type of vape pen is perfect for heavy users and the ones who like to switch between different canisters/cartridge since most of these "MODs" allow you adjust the voltage output, but the downside being they are bulky, blocky and too heavy to carry for outdoor use. The 510 thread vapes that feature fixed batteries, however, is mostly pen-shaped and super lightweight, you can put it in your pocket and carrying it all day without feeling the weight, but the downside being, of course, the battery life is shorter and it needs to be recharged more frequently. 
  • Connector Types - Some of the stylus or pen-shaped style 510 thread batteries feature more than one connector(or thread) which can allow you to use a different type of canister or cartridge. The most common seen is an additional "eGo" thread, unlike the 510 thread which features a "female thread", the "eGo" thread is male, comparing to 510 thread cartridges or tanks the "eGo" ones are bigger, so an "eGo" thread dry herb tank can contain more ground materials, as well as wax or other types of concentrates. 

Where Can I Buy A 510 Thread Battery? 

Since the 510 thread is widely accepted to smoke or vape any type of stuff you want, 510 thread batteries are fairly easy to find and purchase in your local headshop or smokeshop, or if you want more options you can always try an online headshop like PuffingBird.com. We'll break down the pros and cons of purchasing 510 thread batteries from both of these platforms. 

Buying From A Local Headshop

  • Pros - You get to talk to somebody who knows their business if you're not sure what type of 510 thread battery works the best for you, the most convenient way to resolve that is chatting with the shop keeper, by hearing the guy/girl/helicopter out, at the end of the day you'll have a good idea of which one you should choose. And if there is a problem when you are using the device, you can always just go to the shop and get it fixed or replaced. You always get to try the products(if you can bring along your 510 thread cartridge with you) in person before buying. The best thing is you are supporting your local community by making a purchase from a local shop. 
  • Cons - Honestly, just like when you're trying to buy a pipe or a bong, the prices they charge in local headshops are more expensive than online headshops, and there aren't many options for small headshops, you'll need to make do and choose from a very limited selection of products available. 

Buying From An Online Headshop

  • Pros - You get to choose many different types of 510 thread batteries from a wide range of brands, and the prices will be lower than your local headshop for sure. 

  • Cons - When you have a problem with your product you are going to probably wait longer for the customer service to answer your questions through emails or PM from social media platforms, and returning or replacing the 510 thread battery is not as easy as you can do with a local headshop. You can't test the product in person before making a purchase. 

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