Puffing Bird Now Carries 510 Thread Batteries

510 thread batteries -

Puffing Bird Now Carries 510 Thread Batteries

Yeah yeah yeah, you said it, we heard it, Puffing Bird officially carries 510 thread batteries from now on. 

What Took Us So Long To List 510 Thread Batteries?

We know that vaping concentrates is a much healthier solution than smoking dry herb, but finding reputable brands and manufacturers that are making the top quality 510 thread batteries had not been a smooth experience for us.

There are many vendors who claim to be supplying genuine branded 510 thread batteries are selling knock-offs, we had been very careful about making our own standards for purchasing these types of products because as you know, the manufacturing process when it comes to making dry herb vaporizers or 510 thread batteries or other types of vaping related products are not the same like when they are making pipes, bongs or dab rigs, when it comes to products that require batteries to power, we have to come up with our own set of standards before we can list them on PuffingBird.com.

What Have Been Done To Ensure The Quality Of 510 Thread Batteries? 

Asking, listening, and experimenting(or testing), the golden triangle of standards before we list any type of product on PuffingBird.com.

Since we are new to these types of products, we've been going to factories, talking to the heads of vaping brands and experts in the industry to determine our standard of what makes the 510 thread batteries safe and easy to use, the return and refund policies and much more beyond that to make sure each and every one of our friends who visit PuffingBird.com will be able to purchase the 510 thread battery that they were looking for at a very reasonable price and top quality guaranteed. 

The reason why there is much less 510 thread batteries for you to choose from than other sites now is that we only list those products that we've been testing for 14 days to make sure the quality of the product is just like what the brands had claimed and we have to release the products one by one after our 14 days trial ended. 

For now, there are five 510 thread batteries for you to choose from, we'll be listing more for weeks to come.

In the end...

With all the craziness going on in the world, we thank you for your understanding for delayed packages and customer service, we've been working overtime to process everyone's order and we've been receiving emails from our friends all over the world reminding us to wear a mask, keep social distancing and stay safe. 

With all the warm regards from you, we realized that Puffing Bird is not just a place for you to buy stuff for smoking or vaping, it had been a tight community.

Once again, thank you very much for your continuous support for Puffing Bird, your love and encouragement meant the world for us and we will be delivering you the top quality products and customer service as always. 

Peace, love from the Puffing Bird Team.

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