Quartz Bangers

quartz bangers are the best thing if you are go... quartz bangers are the best thing if you are going with a dab rigfree shit for all

Dab rig, AKA oil rigs or wax rigs are one of the most essential parts of using various cannabis concentrates, aka dabs

Cheap Dab rigs are part of the water pipes family with many similar features as your everyday bong. But what's the difference between a cheap dab rig and a bong? The answer lies in the structure difference. Puffing Bird is the perfect one-stop shopping site to buy dab rigs online

Wax rigs are always mistaken by some saying they can only be used for wax and that's not true, wax rigs serve the same purpose of any dab rig, just pair it with a quartz banger and you're ready to dab!

Silicone Dab Rigs are for those who are clumsy and might have already broken a fair amount of glassware in the past, silicone rigs are unbreakable so you can handle it with ease even when you are already sky-high.

Mini Dab Rigs are perfect for you if you like to take your dabbing equipment on a trip to events like the cannabis cup etc, they are incredibly easy to be packed in any suitcase or backpack, and you won't feel a thing when you're traveling on foot. A must-have item for dabbers who likes to travel.

When you see the cheap glass dab rigs for sale on the market right now( most of Puffing Bird dab rigs under $100), you won't see many layers of filtration like a bong, even in size, dab rigs are considerably smaller than most of the bongs. That's because the best dab rigs don't necessarily need to have many layers of filtration. 

Dab rigs under $50 cheap enough to be listed on the market right now don't necessarily mean it's low quality, some of the best recycler dab rigs on Puffing Bird are listed under $60 with free shipping! They are very portable dab rigs you can carry them anywhere without feeling a thing.

When it comes to smoking dry herbs, you'll want your bongs to have many layers of filtration(percolators) to filter out the tar and other substances that are harmful to the human body when your light up. The many layers of filtration can also cool down the smoke giving you a smoother smoking experience. If your throat is very sensitive to high-temperature smoke you can even pick one of the bongs that have an "ice catcher bong" feature, that means you can put ice cubes(or even snow) into the bong and it will cool down the smoke even more. 

Dab rigs are known to be used for smoking cannabis concentrates, so you don't want many layers of filtration to filter out the flavors of your dab. Cool Dab rigs with titanium nails are being used to vaporize the concentrates, the vapor itself doesn't contain any harmful substances like the smoke from burning dry herbs the vapor doesn't even contain any tar in it, so the dab rigs don't need to have percolators for filtration. Some cheap dab rigs(mini dab rigs)on the market, small like your everyday glass pipe due to that reason. 

If you are into custom dab rigs, you can always search Instagram for that term and see if there is any local glass blowing artists around you so you can ask them to build any heady dab rigs you have in mind. Remember, Smoking dab is all about enjoying life and share.

About how to smoke dabs, it's the best to have a dab rig with quartz banger/titanium nail of your choice, using a butane torch to heat them to the ideal temperature of 300~500 degrees Fahrenheit for low temp dabs and 600+ for high temp dabs. Check out more on the Puffing Bird Wiki page!

We work with professionals and artist to create the best quality and well-priced glass bong, dab rigs, nectar collectors and accessories to meet the needs of awesome dabbers like you.Top quality products and amazing customer service are always the top priority in the Puffing Bird team.

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