Dab Rig Accessories

To enjoy your precious concentrate/oil, get ...

To enjoy your precious concentrate/oil, get functional attachments for your dab rigs is necessary. In order to provide a better service for you, we have a variety of different dab rig accessories available on Puffing Bird.

Quartz bangers are the best dab nail for dabbers as it can offer a better taste and protect your dab rigs from the intense heat of the torch. Nowadays quartz bangers are made of quartz rather than traditional glass so that they do not break easily under the extreme heat when being heated. On Puffing Bird, we have 10mm/14mm/18mm male or female joint are available.

14mm Female Thermochromic Banger (Yellow) For Sale | Free Shipping

Carb caps are a small dab rig accessory to enhance the dabbing experience. Usually, it uses with a dab rig and a quartz banger/titanium domeless banger. Carb caps are easy to use, just place them over your quartz banger or titanium domeless banger to prevent the vapor escape into the air, and then you enjoy your hit.

Colorful Cute Carb Cap

Dabbers are little tools that can facilitate the dabbing process. It used to pick up cannabis concentrate, such as wax, shatter or crumble, and put it to a heated surface of a quartz banger. Nobody is mad to put their finger inside of a heating banger or nail stir concentrate. That's why we need a dabber to do that when dabbing.

Leaf Novelty Glass Dabber

Reclaim catchers definitely a functional attachment allows you to catch your oil in your banger or nail and then reuse it next time, rather than having to scrape it. At the same time, it can keep your bongs/dab rigs clean as new after use every time. Most of the reclaim catchers easily attach to any bong or dab rig, so you don't need to worry it won't match your water pipes.

14mm Male To Female Oil Reclaim Catcher
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