Why is Nectar Collector your Dab Easy Option?

Why Using A Nectar Collector Is a Better Option

As opposed to a dab rig or portable enail vaporizer, the Nectar Collector has quickly become a popular substitution for dabbing concentrates ever since it is around. 

A classic 10mm or 14mm nectar collector consists of 4 parts: A body with fixed downstem, a titanium tip or quartz tip, a glass mouthpiece, and a keck clip to hold the ti tip or quartz tip. Assembly is extremely straightforward. And this mini nectar collector also comes with a wax dish dabber set.

So How Do You Make It Work?

If you have never used one of this babies before, you might be confused on how it actually works. In fact, it is a very simple four-step process, here's a nectar collector demonstration from one of our Puffing Birds at its casual Sunday afternoon sesh:

1. Get your favorite concentrates ready on the dish.

2. Give your titanium tip or quartz tip a good heat up to make sure it's on a good temperature level.

3. Dip it on the resin.

4. Sip it, Inhale it, and sit back.

And putting water in the downstem is highly recommended for those who would enjoy a smoother toke.

Why Do You Consider Getting A Nectar Collector?

Let's try not to make things complicated, a nectar collector is really easy to use. Having fewer parts to manage makes cleaning so much easier than using an oil rig or dab rig.

Chances of accidentally hurting yourself from a hot nail or banger is less with a nectar collector. 

It also gives you more freedom to carry around, if you are moving a lot and don't want to give away your freedom to dab. A mini 10mm Nectar Collector or a silicone Nectar Collector are two the perfect examples for traveling purpose.