Why Are Silicone Nectar Collectors Cheaper Than Glass Ones?

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Why Are Silicone Nectar Collectors Cheaper Than Glass Ones?

Why Are Silicone Nectar Collectors Cheaper Than Glass Ones - Puffing Bird Wiki

In the past few years, nectar collectors or dab straws has become more and more popular in the cannabis community, not only nectar collectors are cheaper to buy than most of the dab rigs on the market, but they also offer us a new way of dabbing without using a quartz banger and other dab tools, so it's easier for new dabbers that just learned about dabbing and want to start with something less complicated. 

And throughout all these years development, nectar collectors are evolving, not only new structures and designs are being updated but the materials used to make them as well. 

The glass had always been the go-to material when it comes to making dab rigs, but in the last few years, we've seen silicone dab rigs and silicone nectar collectors becoming more available. Interesting enough, most of the silicone nectar collectors are now cheaper than the glass ones, including the ones listed on PuffingBird.com

Some of our friends had written us emails asking if they want to purchase their first nectar collector, which one should they choose, a glass one or a silicone one? And as the prices for the silicone nectar collectors are cheaper, should they be concerned about the built quality and the durability?

So on today's Puffing Bird Wiki, we'll be focused on answering all the questions above and help you figure out why most of the silicone nectar collectors on the market right now are cheaper than the glass ones. 

How Is A Nectar Collector Made?

First, we'll be looking at the manufacturing factor. The secret of the huge price gap between silicone nectar collectors and glass nectar collectors lies within.

Glass nectar collectors, like any other glass-made items nowadays, require human effort to blow them into shape.

You might ask, isn't that done by machines now?

The answer is no.

Although there are machines to mass produce glassware like the bottles for Coca-Cola, nectar collectors have intricate structures inside to recycle water at the same time preventing water from spilling into your mouth, those structures require human effort to put together with skills, and trust me, it's not for someone who's been to a 7 days glass-blowing interest class, it will require skilled glass-blowing artist to do that. 


And for silicone nectar collectors, it doesn't require much human effort in the manufacturing process, once a designer had a blueprint of a finished design of a nectar collector, all they need to do is input the figures into a mold-making computer and use a machine tool to carve a mold that's specifically for that design, then they can send the mold to the silicone products manufacturing factory and the rest is basically done by machines


Since silicone is non-toxic and easy to mold, there are many silicone DIY molding kits available online, you can buy a kit online and see for yourself, how easy a silicone nectar collector can be made.

So from the point of the manufacturing process, silicone nectar collectors require far-less effort from human than glass ones, as we know that glass blowing artists' average hourly wage is $19.77, this is one of the most significant reasons why silicone nectar collectors are cheaper.

Let's Talk About Built Quality And Durability

Like we mentioned on the last Puffing Bird Wiki, silicone and glass are very different materials, so we don't think there's a necessity to parallelly compare the two. 

In fact, you'll never need to worry about silicone nectar collectors built quality and durability. Unlike the glass ones, due to the unique characteristics of the silicone material, you never need to worry about a silicone nectar collector breaking, you can take away the titanium tip(or quartz tip) then throw the body into the dishwasher for cleaning, that's something you can never do with the glass ones. With proper care, a silicone nectar collector set would last for a lifetime.

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