Everything You Need To Know: Ice Catchers

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Everything You Need To Know: Ice Catchers

If you're a dry herb enthusiast, then a glass bong with an ice catcher definitely is a must-have item. With an ice catcher, you will have a cooler hit and take you smoking experience to the next level. If you have no idea about an ice catcher, then read this article and decide whether you need a bong with an ice catcher.

What Is an Ice Catcher?

An ice catcher, some people also called it ice pinch, is a feature in your water pipe's neck that allows it to catch and hold ice cubes. One of the most popular smoking tools is a glass bong for its filtration function such as the water chamber, percolator and etc. An ice catcher also is one of filtration of a glass bong, it allows you to put ice cubes into your bong which results in cooler smoking and less harmful for your throat and lung.

How does an ice catcher work?

Normally an ice catcher is featured inside of the bong's neck that holds the ice above the water chamber. It also can be considered the last filtration before the smoke travel up into the mouthpiece. When you inhale, the smoke travels through the chamber of the whole bong, and then hits the ice cubes eventually, cooling down the temperature of the smoke and bringing a comfortable smoking experience to you. Please notice that the ice will gradually melt, you need to focus on the water chamber all the time.

Benefits of Ice Catchers

In general, ice catchers can bring a higher level of smoking experience for most smokers. First of all, ice catchers are designed to facilitate the smoke filtration process. It provides more enjoyable, cleaner, and better-tasting hits.

And secondly, most bong enthusiasts are usually taking a huge hit. With the ice tubes cool the smoke further, it is possible to inhale larger amounts of smoke easily.

If you using a mini size bong, sometimes the water will splash into your mouth and ruin your smoking experience. An ice catcher also is a splash guard to ensure such an issue won't happen. With an ice catcher on the straight neck, you can enjoy the cool smoke without worrying about some of these problems.

Do All Bongs Have Ice Catchers?

Although ice catchers are becoming increasingly popular, not every single bong feature an ice catcher. Some smokers may develop a makeshift ice catcher on their own bong, but it will break your bong eventually. If you have an extra budget, why not get a new bong with an ice catcher. On Puffing Bird, we have several bongs with an ice catcher under $60 available.

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