The Year's Best Enail Dab Kits So Far

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The Year's Best Enail Dab Kits So Far

If 2019 has brought a lot of magic into your everyday life, you're not alone. For us, it's the little things that have made a difference, not the least of which is amping up our dabbing game tenfold. With the right tools, we've been able to bring ease to our smoking sessions, along with a sense of security that every dab will go just as planned.


Enail dab kits are a killer accessory to supplement the everyday dabber's regime. They're consistent and reliable, with just enough gusto to make each hit come to life. If you're after a kit that's got the goods for you and your rig, this collection of the year's best (so far!) should really be on your radar.


How An Enail Brings Ease to Your Life


There's no denying that an enail can be a hefty investment for the average dabber. Nonetheless, this tool has proven it's worth time and time again, leaving us more certain than ever that this is one of the best accessories a dabber can have. 


There are many ways an enail brings ease to your day to day. Quite possibly the most important is the safety of it all. No more fussing with dangerous torches, nor guesstimating how hot your banger is. No more fumbling as you pass the rig to your friends, only to realize too much time has elapsed and you need to heat the nail all over again. An enail takes charge of the heat, controlling the temperature and maintaining it for as long as you need. And it does so without a massive butane flame.


Keep Your Eyes Out for These Enail Dab Kits


  • Quartz Enail Dab Kit - Complete Desktop Setup


With a maximum temperature nearing 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit—as well as a five-degree temperature stability—this enail dab kit means business. The nail and cap included in the collection are both made of quartz, a lovely material that allows you to savor the flavor of your dabs without distraction. The collection also includes dual silicone containers to hold your various concentrates. A power cord, five-foot heating coil and even a padded container showcase a kit that can get things done. Since you don't have to use a butane torch (nor a timer) when dabbing with an enail kit, this is the safest and healthiest method of doing the deed.


  • Titanium Enail Kit - Complete Setup Bundle


If quartz isn't your banger of choice, this kit features a 6-in-1 titanium nail that may just pique your interest. Made from high-quality medical-grade 2 titanium, the nail and cap are only part of the picture. So too does this kit come with an enail controller box, barrel-shaped heating coil and power cord. The heating coil is a massive five feet long, too, so you don't have to worry about sticking too close to the table. As a thanks for buying Puffing Bird, you'll even get a couple of branded stickers, which you can slap onto the packing box to bring liveliness to your cannabis accessories. And should you like to keep your gear spick and span, the black padded box allows for that, too.


  • Remote Control Enail Dab Kit


If you're wondering how to make an enail dab kit even simpler to use, we've got the answer. Add a remote into the bundle! This kit includes a remote that alters the temperature of the nail, all from the push of a button. With this, should you need to change temperatures in a breeze, there's nothing stopping you. A five-foot, barrel-shaped heating coil joins the pack, as well as a quartz titanium hybrid nail. Use the controller to heat up to 999 degrees Fahrenheit, and maintain temperature stability with a margin of just five degrees. The controller box and power cord stays put, even if you and the remote have to move all the way across the room.


  • Heady Pattern Enail Dab Kit


This bundle is more than just good looks and charm. It's functional as heck, too, thanks to an intelligently curated design. Dressed in a colorful water transfer coating, the controller box is perfect for desktop setup, meaning you don't have to go far to enjoy the perks of your very own enail. For this kit, choose between a titanium, quartz, or hybrid dab nail. Whatever your selection, you'll wind up with a carb cap, dabber, heating coil, pair of silicone containers and even your own case for all the goods. With a 12-month warranty, you really have got nothing to lose on this gnarly investment.


  • Quartz Enail with Grey Recycler Dab Rig Kit


Should you require a bit more out of your bundle, this one is chock full of everything you need to get started. In fact, it even comes with a dab rig itself, which features a dark grey coloration and a recycler. Both the dab nail and the carb cap are crafted from 100% pure quartz. Add a PID controller, heating coil and power cord and you've got yourself one heck of an electrifying experience. When the time comes to close up shop, a pair of silicone concentrate containers and a soft zipper packing box helps you maintain utmost organization.


Tools for the Everyday Dabber


Perhaps most impressive about the enail genre is that each bundle is wholly user-friendly. There is no complicated engineering to perform, nor is there anything intricate to assemble. It's everything you need in a compact box, with just enough amenities to make your 420-friendly life easier.


So long as you find yourself a tailored bundle, we have no doubt that you're going to reap the benefits of an enail dab kit. And if your crew wants to join in on the automatic fun, too, all the more power to the lot of ya'. After all, you'll always stay safe with an enail, so without the burden of worry upon your shoulders, your next toke sesh is bound to be teeming with enthusiasm.

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