Seasoning Your Quartz Nail Like a Boss

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Seasoning Your Quartz Nail Like a Boss

Learn what it means to season your brand-new quartz banger.

Owning a number of smoking accessories is a great responsibility. You have to make certain not to drop or shatter your glass, keep every nook clean and ensure you aren't going to run out of your reup any time soon. But doing all of this work is a lot simpler than it may seem at first glance.


If a quartz nail is part of your repertoire, you're going to want to season it before your first use. We're here to teach you just what it means to season your banger of the quartz variety, as well as other tricks of the trade to keep your toking level high.


What Does It Mean to Season a Quartz Nail?


If you have ever owned a cast iron skillet, you know how important it is to season it between uses. Without doing so, you'll wind up with a seemingly rusty, lifeless pan that's far from ready for the next meal. 


Such is the case with a quality quartz nail. By going over the porous quartz surface with oil of your choosing (most commonly THC concentrate), you're making the surface of your nail smooth as can be. 


The result? You've enhanced the flavor of each hit by a substantial margin. You can also use this tactic to get rid of leftover pollutants used during manufacturing, even those that may be invisible to the naked eye.


The Seasoning Steps


Seasoning a quartz nail is a simple process, but perhaps more importantly, it's enjoyable through every step. In fact, the process itself ends with a bit of toking, so it can't be too bad, can it?


Start by placing your new banger right in your rig. From there, you'll want to use a torch to heat it up until it's reached a bright red coloration. This glowing transition means you've sterilized the nail from any bacteria. 


As the nail begins to cool, you may want to take your finger and swipe off any excess grime that can't be seen with bare eyes. Then, torch it again in preparation for seasoning, and do so at a bit of a higher temperature than last time (say, 700 degrees Fahrenheit).


When the time comes, be sure to use a dab tool to season your nail (this is not something you'll want to use a bare hand for). Whether you want to use an all-natural, high-heat oil or a cannabis concentrate of your choosing is up to you. 


Whatever you choose, coat every last bit of the inside of your banger with the oil, and let it adhere to the pores of the material. By the end of this step, you'll be en route to a smooth nail just waiting to be dabbed into.


Once it's cooled completely, your dab nail is open for business. Go ahead and take a celebratory dab in your new, seasoned quartz banger. Your experience is sure to be a tasty one.


How To Know When It's Time to Season


In all actuality, seasoning is not a mandatory step in banger maintenance. Nonetheless, many people who are serious about dabbing feel as if it makes a world of difference in whether or not the concentrate is palatable.


For those who feel they need to season their quartz nail, it's best to do so right after purchase, prior to ever using it. After that, you can maintain a low level of seasoning, giving every dab a splendid essence.


Some smokers prefer to keep a totally clean dab nail. It's really up to you whether you'd like to keep it seasoned or not, but we must admit...there are many die-hard seasoners out there, and for good reason.


Your Next Quartz Nail is Closer Than You Think


Puffing Bird is a big fan of quartz bangers. The clean taste that allows you to savor the flavor of the concentrate at hand is just too killer to give up. And so long as they're seasoned, without too much gunk in the grooves, they're a handsome addition to your collection. Here are a few of our favorites that may resonate with you, too.


  • Gravel Quartz Hybrid Nail Extra Thick


A massive amount of vaporization is always a good thing, but it often comes with a cost (namely, a negative effect on time and temperature). Thanks to the nucleation site in this gravel quartz hybrid nail, you can snag all that vapor without the trouble to go along. Thanks to its thick construction, it's—quite literally—a solid choice for your next quartz nail.


  • Diamond Knot Loop Recycler Quartz Banger


If you're after something that breaks the status quo, this nail is definitely the one. It's loop design is intricate and all its own. There's even a bubble carb cap and removable diamond knot quartz insert as part of the package, making the pros to this dab nail plentiful. And as a banger with recycler capabilities, your hit is bound to be smoother than you thought possible.


  • The Bulldozer Quartz Nail


This banger is ideal for folks who believe in the phrase "the bigger the better." Twenty-six millimeters in diameter, the cup itself is massive. Moreover, its bucket shape leaves plenty of room for heating up. The quartz is two millimeters thick, so it maintains temperature with ease as you pass the rig along. 


'Tis the Season for Toking


A seasoned quartz nail paves the way for a successful dabbing experience. While just one piece of a multifaceted puzzle, it's a great addition to your rig maintenance routine and one whose effects you'll surely appreciate with every hit. 


Should you choose to go the extra mile and season your quartz nail after purchase, you'll be one step closer to pro dabber status. And if that's not the goal all along, we're not sure just what is.


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