How To Use a Bubbler?

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How To Use a Bubbler?

As we all know, a bubbler has some familiars with a bong. Comparing to traditional bongs, bubblers are more portable and cheaper, making them a perfect option for those stoners who always on the way. Another reason is that bubblers come in more variety of shapes and designs that make them outstanding than other glass collections. Also, bubblers offer the same water cooling smoke experience that bongs provide, while also being portable like a usual glass pipe.

How to choose a bubbler?


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A bubbler is a combination of function, quality, and art, how to choose the most favorite bubbler as your daily driver is important.

Choosing a bubbler is always basic on your needs and feelings, here are some tips for you to choose a bubbler.

Looking for a thick borosilicate glass bubbler, because bubblers usually are made into different shapes. A high-quality borosilicate glass bubbler won't break easily.

Make sure what size bubbler you want and check out the product's details before you order. Even most of the bubblers are smaller than a glass bong, but there are still have some bubblers that are bigger than your imagination.

A stable bubbler allows you to add water and prevent it from leaking water. A good bubbler can stand on its own like a mini bong.

How to use a bubbler?

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Before you use a bubbler, the most important thing is that figure out the right amount of water to add. According to your bubbler's chamber, you can figure out how much water you need to add.

We recommend filling the chamber up halfway and the water can smidge over the downstem, please make sure that the water doesn’t reach to flow back up the bowl piece or down the mouthpiece.

Bubbler also works without water as a standard pipe. All you need to do is that control the airflow by cover or uncover the carb hole when you inhale. Please notice: Don’t pull as hard on a bubbler as a bong, for bubbler's mini size, the smoke moves easily into your mouth.

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