How To Pick The Perfect Ash Catcher For Bongs

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How To Pick The Perfect Ash Catcher For Bongs

How To Pick The Perfect Ash Catcher For Bongs | Puffing Bird Wiki

I believe that most of us that own a bong could never stand our bong getting all those black or brown or tar-like goo stuck on the inside, another article on Puffing Bird Wiki had mentioned some formulas for cleaning your bong

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Water bongs have percolators. Percolators help to sufficiently mix the smoke and the water so you can get a smooth hit. But except for beaker bongs, percolator bongs are very hard to clean.

But no matter which formula you use, you'll need to put in a lot of time and effort into it, and the process is tedious at most. So you might be wondering, is there a better way to save my bong from all those goo getting stuck on the inside from the get-go?

The answer is yes, and the more precise answer is, an ash catcher

What's An Ash Catcher?

Ash catcher is a filtration device that you deploy on the joint which your old bowl piece should be.

The basic idea of how an ash catcher work is quite simple:

  • To have a filtration device to do the first round of filtration to filter the tar and other harmful material that might have generated from the combustion of your dry herbs, and leaving most of the debris or ashes inside of the ash catcher instead of being sucked into the bong. 

So on today's Puffing Bird Wiki, we'll be talking about how to pick the perfect ash catcher for your glass bongs. 

The Joint Size Of Your Ash Catcher.

Just like picking a bowl piece for your bong, the joint and the sex of your bong is crucial for choosing the perfect ash catcher. 

The most common joint size and sex of bongs are 14mm male, 14mm female, 18mm male, and 18mm female. So you'll need to find the ash catcher with the same size and opposite sex. 

For Example, you have a 14mm male glass bong, and then you need a 14mm female ash catcher and vice versa.

You might be wondering, why isn't there any ash catcher that could fit my 10mm male/female joint glass bong? Well, that's because we've considered the weight of the ash catchers(especially ash catchers with multiple percolators) is a bit too heavy for the 10mm joint bongs, it could easily break your bong when you try to put it on. 

The Angle Of The Ash Catcher. 

There are two types of angles for glass bongs, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees. 

Beaker bongs are some of the most commonly seen with 45 degrees angles, so you'll need to find a 45 degrees angle ash catcher to match with that. 

Percolators Inside The Ash Catcher

Percolators are essential when it comes to filtration and cooling down the temperature of your smoke and providing the smoothest smoking experience possible.

Most of the glass bongs you can find on the market feature percolators, but there are many simple designed and structured glass bongs that don't feature any kind of percolator in them in order for easy cleaning and portability. 

So for this type of glass bongs, an ash catcher with a more sophisticated percolator will be the best, it remedies the lack of filtration and cooling for the bong and it could provide more drag when you inhale so you don't get water spilled in your mouth easily.

For glass bongs that's already got percolator or even percolators in it, a simple design ash catcher would be efficient for catching the debris and the first round of filtration. A complicated design ash catcher with big percolators would add too much drag when you inhale so that's not very ideal for a smooth experience. 

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