How To Clean A Weed Grinder?

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How To Clean A Weed Grinder?

What is a grinder?

Grinding your weed before smoking is a crucial step in the consumption process. Using a grinder gives you an even and consistent burn when you're smoking, maximizes efficiency, and lets you get the most smoke out of your bud. While you can always pick apart your weed with your fingers, using a specialized herb grinder is by far the best way to break your cannabis down into smaller, more smokable pieces.

If you’re new to cannabis, you may wonder what is weed grinders use for. A weed grinder is a device you use to grind your cannabis completely for a smoother hit and a better smoking experience. Before you smoke, grind your weed with a herb grinder is an indispensable step. There are several ways to grind your weed if you don’t have a grinder, but a grinder provides a more convenient lifestyle and speeds up the process.

What do you need to clean a grinder?

There is a problem that your grinders will get gunked up with small debris or sticky resin after use several times, it is hard to clean it completely with towel paper. These sticky, stubborn stains can make your grinder get stuck, and hard to rotate the grinder. If your grinders have these problems, it’s time to clean your weed grinders.

Before we started, prepared everything you'll need to clean your grinder:

  • Dirty Grinder
  • A Tooth Pick
  • A Small Tooth Brush
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A toothbrush or some other type of stiff brush
  • A Ziploc bag or glass jar
  • Clean water
  • A Dry Towel/Tissue

Cleaning a grinder in 4 steps:

Step 1: Take your dirty grinder apart

Before you separate your grinder you need to make sure there is no remaining weed or dry herbs on your grinder. And then take apart each chamber of your grinder carefully.

Step 2: Soak the grinder in alcohol

Place your grinder into a container ( a sealing bag or large glass jar) with enough isopropyl alcohol to make sure submerge all parts of your grinder. Let it soak for 30 minutes and agitate the container every once in a while to help break apart plant residue. If your grinder is made of plastic or acrylic, replace the isopropyl alcohol into the water with dish soap. 

Step 3: Brush and rinse the grinder

Pour out the isopropyl alcohol and use a small toothbrush to brush all parts of the grinder. Rinse the weed grinder with running water and make sure there is no alcohol or residue on the grinder.

Step 4: Dry the grinder

Dry your grinder with a towel or tissue, and then you can have a grinder as good as new.


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