Basics Of Silicone Bongs

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Basics Of Silicone Bongs

Bongs crafted from silicone are a category all their own. Here's what to expect with silicone material.

Glass bongs may have been the start of it all, but it's no longer the sole contender. With the weed industry growing more vast each day, there's more than one option at your beck and call. That's just where silicone bongs come into play.

Plenty of manufacturers craft bongs and other smoking accessories from silicone itself. But how does silicone hold up, and what are the benefits that come with this smoking method? We want to share the skinny on silicone, with everything you ought to know.


What Exactly Is A Silicone Bong

Silicone is a synthesized polymer, which results from combining silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. Most often, it comes in one of two forms—liquid or plastic.  

As for the latter form, this plastic has properties that are similar to rubber, including malleability and flexibility. Silicone is the basis of many cooking utensils like scrapers and whisks. It's also an ingredient in shoe insoles, insulators and—as you may have deduced by now—smoking bongs. 


How Silicone Translates Into a Proper Bong 

There are two main properties of silicone that come into play here. The first is low toxicity, which is crucial because you definitely don't want to be ingesting a ton of chemicals while you inhale your medicine. The second is a high resistance to heat, which is important for a heat-based process like smoking. 

Many silicone bongs come with a metal or glass bowl piece and removable downstem for added protection. This keeps your bong in good shape through the ages, and I think we can all appreciate a little longevity.

Cleaning a Silicone Bong 

Cleaning any bong can be an intricate process, regardless of what material it's made out of. However, when it comes to silicone variety, things get a bit easier. 

In all actuality, all you need to do to clean a silicone bong thoroughly is throw it in the dishwasher. Due to its innate heat resistance and flexibility, there's no danger in doing so. 

The alternative? You can manually clean the silicone with a bottle brush or toothbrush, as well as simple cleansers such as baking soda. There's not that much that goes into the process! 

One thing to be aware of when cleaning your silicone bong is to do it frequently and dry it fully. Unlike glass, any type of plastic is porous. This means that, over time, the material can harbor invisible bacteria. By tackling the cleaning process on a regular basis, you can be confident that your bong is safe to smoke out of for you and your crew.

Pros of Silicone Bongs 

Silicone may seem less mature than the glass alternative, but there are a number of benefits that accompany these types of bongs. Here are just a few.


  • Silicone is UNBREAKABLE! Should you find that you're a clumsy smoker, or even someone with trouble maintaining stability, this is great news. Bend it, drop it, what-have-you, there's no need to fret about it.
  • These bongs are lightweight, which makes them great for people with physical ailments. Considering many weed smokers use cannabis to calm their bodies, it goes hand in hand.
  • Unlike most plastics, silicone has a high resistance to heat, so you don't need to watch the flame every second.
  • There are innumerable designs in the realm of silicone bongs, so you're bound to discover a water pipe that suits your fancy.
  • They're travel friendly, so lug it to your next music festival, camping escapade or beach trip!
  • Cleaning is a breeze, especially if you take the dishwasher route.
  • Silicone bongs tends to be more affordable than glass, even on the higher end of the silicone spectrum. For many, that's a benefit that takes the cake.


Cons of Silicone Bongs 

On the contrary, silicone is far from perfect. So too are there cons to keep an eye out for.


  • You'll have trouble finding a silicone bong equipped with percolators and other filtration methods. This genre tends to be more straightforward, so if you're a fancy smoker, it may not be the right solution for you.
  • You have to watch out for the quality of silicone you're getting. Just like your reusable water bottles, be sure it's free from BPA!
  • To be frank, there's just something about a glass bong that appeals to the aesthetic senses. Silicone may not ever reach that echelon, but as a travel or backup bong, that's A-Okay.
  • Because a silicone bong is not translucent like glass, you may have to dig a little bit deeper to determine if it's ready for cleaning. However, an easy way to get around this is to clean your pipe on a regular basis.


The Best Silicone Bongs To Look Out For

Silicone bongs have the ability to satisfy the palate of many a toker. If you're one of them, try these bad boys on for size.



Here's a straight tube bong that breaks down in two pieces, making it even easier to travel with. When assembled, the bong stands more than two feet tall. Thanks to a glass bowl piece and removable glass down the stem, you still get to enjoy the flavor of the flower in its entirety.



With its foldable capabilities, this bong literally fits in your pocket during transit. Bring this travel-friendly pipe to your favorite music festival and have a blast with your friends. A metal bowl piece and removable metal down stem keeps the whole setup unbreakable, and a flare base helps it stand straight up on its own.


This is a classic bong with a colorful safety net. Enjoy the benefits of quality glass and silicone all at once. A single chamber setup, it stands about 8" tall, with a removable silicone diffused down stem to boot.

Smoking is About the Journey, Silicone or Not 

The goal of smoking shouldn't just be to get high. So too should you enjoy the process, whichever route you take. Thankfully, we live in a time where there's no one right way to this, but rather a number of avenues suited for the unique stoners of the world. 

Silicone bongs have their strengths and weaknesses, but one thing's for certain. They're a legitimate smoking method for folks who like to keep their options open. Whether for purposes of travel, weight or even design, there's no shortage of silicone bongs for sale.

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