Puffing Bird Double Tree With In Line Diffuser Bong/dab Rig

Puffing Bird™ Double Tree With In Line Diffuser Bong/Dab Rig

Puffing Bird

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This thing is a beast!

It features a down stem in line on the bottom of the piece and moving up there are TWO reinforced 8 arm tree percolators. And the mouthpiece is bent to an angle that's more comfortable for using it on the couch with friends! Since it's designed to be unspillable so don't worry about water leaking out of this beauty! It comes with a 18mm male bowl.

  • 10"/26CM Tall
  • Extra Thick High Quality Glass
  • Double Tree Percolators.
  • Down Stem Inline Diffuser.
  • 18mm Female.

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