Why Go Glass with Your Bong?

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Why Go Glass with Your Bong?

Glass bongs have been around for longer than the modern smoker can recall (though, if cannabis has anything to do with it, that recollection might be a little rough around the edges). Nonetheless, it's not the only material that makes up the bong industry. From silicone to ceramic, there are plenty of mediums that gracefully transform into bongs each day.


Despite the plentiful options out there, glass bongs remain the most popular for smokers of every kind. When it comes down to it, it's for good reason. Let's dish why you might want to go glass for your next bong investment.


What Kind of Glass Gets Turned Into Bongs?


Despite the uniform label, there's more than one type of glass that artisans use for bong production. The most popular are:


  • Borosilicate Glass - This heat-resistant material is a wise choice for smokers, for obvious reasons. You may also hear people refer to it as Pyrex.
  • Imported Glass - This glass tends to be more affordable, which makes a world of difference for some.
  • Hand-Blown Glass - Crafted with the help of three furnaces and a glass-blowing expert, this kind of glass can get really intricate.


Why Glass Bongs Ought to Be Your Go-To


There are plenty of reasons that glass is the preferred bong material worldwide. We want to share a few that—for us, at least—make a world of difference.


  • A Smooth Toke


Perhaps the most straightforward reason why glass reigns supreme in the bong industry is the quality of the hit itself. Smoke manages to travel effortlessly through the confines, ultimately leaving you with an enjoyable inhalation that plastic can't beat. Go glass and your set of lungs will thank you.


  • Accessories for All


Glass bongs are often made versatile by nature. These pipes can take add-ons such as ash catchers, personalized bowl pieces and more. You may purchase one type of bong, but wind up with a totally different setup somewhere down the line!


  • Cleaning Made Easy


No one likes a dirty bong, but glass lets you do something about it in a jiffy. With a number of cleaners suited for the glass style of bong, this material couldn't be easier to spruce up. It's also non-porous, so bacteria has nowhere to hide. On the contrary, plastic tends to retain muck, scratches and even cleaning chemicals, leaving you with a water pipe that doesn't quite stand the test of time.


  • A Better Grip


When crafted from high-quality glass, a bong offers a firm grip and that relaxes you as you take every hit. All surfaces are smooth to the touch. They're strong, too, thanks to a little thing called annealing (a process that gives robustness to the glass).


  • Flavorless


Unlike other materials, glass just so happens to be a flavorless compound that does nothing to affect the taste of your herb. This way, you can enjoy the unique palate that accompanies every strain, with nothing to compete against it. From indica to sativa and everywhere in between (including all the wild hybrids you can get your hands on), there's nothing stopping you from your fate as a cannabis connoisseur.


  • Doubles as Art


Glass offers more than just function. It's the basis of many a work of art, both smokeable and not. When it comes to bongs, there are innumerable styles that people flock toward. Choose a handcrafted variant and you may just be getting a one-of-a-kind display to showcase amongst your interior decor.


  • A Healthy Take


Glass just so happens to be a healthy option for bong smokers. Given time and heat exposure, materials such as plastic, wood and metal can exude chemicals that you'll ultimately inhale as you utilize your tool. However, glass gives off zero additional chemicals, regardless of how long and hard you use it for. With glass, you can be confident you're getting a clean experience every time.


  • Long-Lasting


When you're working with sturdy glass from a borosilicate construction, you can be certain you'll have your bong for years to come. Unless someone drops it on the ground or knocks it over (these things happen), your bong is here to stay. Through extreme temperatures and heavy usage, it's got you covered.


  • Filters of Every Kind


Glass bongs often come with filtration systems that ensure a pleasant smoking experience. These filters include—but are definitely not limited to—percolators, ash catchers, carb holes and ice catchers. Dissimilarly, bongs made of plastic and other non-ideal materials don't often come with quite as many filtering amenities.


  • A Full Sensory Experience


The sound of bubbles going up the water pipe, muffled by thick glass. The sight of a foggy tube, ready to be emptied by the swift inhalation of an eager toker. The nostalgic scent of a freshly packed bowl piece, and a soon-to-be emptied one. All of these senses and more come into play when dealing with a thoughtfully crafted glass bong.


Once You Go Glass…


Try a glass bong and you may never go back to ceramic, plastic or any other material again. Sure, every bong has its pros and cons, but there's just something about glass that gets the job done good and well.


Whether it be due to the fact that glass is an easy cleaner, flavorless, available for accessorizing or artistic in its own right, there are plenty of reasons to go for glass bongs. When it comes to which one to choose, well, that's a whole different story...you'll just have to decide on that one for yourself.