What's Included In Nectar Collector Kits?

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What's Included In Nectar Collector Kits?

What's Included In Nectar Collector Kits? - Puffing Bird Wiki

There are many different types of nectar collectors on the market, basically, most of the nectar collector kits are for dabbing concentrates and oils only but we've seen in the past two years that many creative designers(or manufacturers) had developed accessories for nectar collectors to smoke dry herb as well. 

For those just getting to know more about nectar collector kits and perhaps looking to buy their first set, with so many different varieties it's a bit tricky to know what kind of accessories they'll need in a nectar collector kit, so on today's Puffing Bird Wiki, we'll pick one of the best selling nectar collector kit listed on PuffingBird.com and walk you through what kind of accessories are included in these kit and the functionalities of these accessories.

What's In The 10mm Mini Nectar Collector Kit?

This kit had been the best selling nectar collector kit on PuffingBird.com. Some of our customers mistaken the "10mm" for the length of the nectar collector, in fact, the 10mm stands for the joint size of the nectar collector.


The Mini Glass Body.

Just like in any dab rig, the glass body from the kit is the "brain", it's designed to be able to hold a fair amount of water in it for filtration and at the meantime cooling down the temperature of the vapor. If you look closer you'll find the structure inside the body is also designed to be spill-proof, so you don't need to worry about water getting in your mouth every time you inhale.

*When adding water to the glass body, don't fill the water in from the opening when you connect the dab tip, fill in through the opening for the mouthpiece. 

The 10mm Titanium Tip

The kit includes two 10mm tips for dabbing, this titanium tip is one of them.

Comparing to the quartz tip, the titanium tip takes less time to heat up to the desired dabbing temperature, perfect for high-temperature dabs, but it has some downsides as well, just like any titanium dab nail, this titanium tip heats up too fast and can easily be overheated, an overheated tip can ruin the taste of your concentrates also the hot vapor can do a lot of damage to both your throat and your lungs. 

So keep an eye on your torch and your tip, never heat the tip red hot.

The Quartz Tip

Comparing to the titanium tip, the 10mm quartz tip takes more time to heat but it brings the smoothest and the purest taste for your concentrates and oils. The quartz tip can also preserve heat slightly longer than titanium tips so if you heat it hot enough it will be able to dab at least 3 times in a row. Since the quartz tip takes longer to heat you don't need to worry about overheating it.

The quartz tip is perfect for low-temperature dabs.

The Glass Dish 

The glass dish included in the nectar collector kit is for containing the concentrates or oils of your choice. 

After heating up your dab tip, tilt the tip at a 45° angle and slight touch the concentrates inside the glass dish, the concentrates will vaporize immediately.

The Mouthpiece

Some people say that the mouthpiece is not necessary for the 10mm mini nectar collector kit, I beg to differ for two reasons:

1. The mouthpiece increases the length of the nectar collector, you don't want to get your face too close to an object just been heated up to around 500°F, without the mouthpiece, your face will feel the heat radiating from the quartz/titanium tip.

2. The mouthpiece can chill the vapor some more, it's common sense if the vapor travel for a longer distance it'll lose more heat. 

The Clips

The clips are used for securing dab tips and mouthpiece on the main body of the nectar collector, again, hot dab tips are very dangerous, without a clip securing the dab tip tightly to the body, it could drop on top of your lap! Just the idea of that makes me cringe. 

The clips are made from highly heat-tolerant material so you don't need to worry about the clips melting while you're heating up your dab tip, don't point the tip of the flame from a butane torch directly at it tho.

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