What's A Directional Carb Cap And How To Use One

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What's A Directional Carb Cap And How To Use One

When it comes to dabbing concentrates or oils, a carb cap is a must-have item to work with a quartz banger or a titanium dab nail for the ultimate dabbing experience. 

And you might have noticed that there are many different types of carb cap on the market available for sale, as we mentioned in our last article what's a carb cap, whether or not a carb cap features a carb hole is the main difference and there are differences in the methods of using as well. 

Today we'll be talking about one of the most popular carb caps that features a carb hole: a directional carb cap.

What's A Directional Carb Cap?

Generally speaking, a directional carb cap is a carb cap that features a carb hole(or holes) that could redirect the air passing through the carb cap and help to stir the concentrates or oils inside the quartz banger/titanium dab nail without the need for a dabber separately. Pretty cool right?

Comparing to the more traditional bubbler quartz carb cap, the airflow can be directed to the wall of the quartz banger when you're using a directional carb cap instead of just letting a jet of air hitting straight in the middle of the banger. 

A Traditional Bubble Quartz Carb Cap

And there are two types of directional carb caps on the market: The ones with one carb hole and the ones with multiple carb holes. 

The ones with only one carb hole are fairly easy to identify, it usually features a crooked tail that points to the wall of the banger, that means when you 're using one of these, as you inhale, the air being sucked in through the carb hole will create an invisible vortex inside the banger and help to stir your concentrates

The ones with multiple carb holes feature multiple air vents, some can work with the quartz ball in the banger so when you inhale it creates an invisible vortex like the single carb hole directional carb cap but the airflow is more violent so you can move the quartz balls in the banger making them moving around like crazy and help to stir the concentrates. 

How To Use A Directional Carb Cap?


Directional carb caps are very to use, as we mentioned, a directional carb cap could feature one or more carb hole to direct the airflow but the basic working mechanism stays the same. You put the carb cap onto a quartz banger/titanium dab nail that's already been heated and already has concentrates inside, then you gently twist the carb cap clockwise to direct the airflow moving the concentrates or oils around in the banger. 

Benefits of Using a Directional Carb Cap

It's pretty obvious the benefits of using a directional carb cap is that it can help you to move the concentrates/oils around in the quartz banger or titanium dab nail for more complete vaporizations without the help of a dabber

Something Not So Cool About A Directional Carb Cap(The Downsides)

For those who are using regular quartz bangers, not the thick bottom ones that could reserve heat for longer, a directional carb cap might not the best choice when it comes to picking. 

As you know directional carb caps create airflows inside the banger to move the concentrates, but air can cool down the temperature of the banger as well, so if you're not using an extra thick bottom quartz banger(which can preserve heat longer than the ordinary quartz bangers) and hoping to get more dabs without reheating the banger, the directional carb caps are not for you. 

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