What to Do When Cannabis Gets Wet

What to Do When Cannabis Gets Wet

One of the most disappointing and upset things in the world is that when you want to smoke and your cannabis gets wet. It is a bad idea whether you throw it away or smokes with wet cannabis. The plant is not a small expenditure for most of us and wet cannabis is tough to burn up. So here we are to list some advice for you to save your wet weed in your possession.

1. The Paper Method

This is a cheap and easy way to dying your wet weed. Get ready paper towels and a fan (it doesn't matter if you don't have it).

  • First of all, you need to put your wet plant in a paper towel and put it in a dark, dry place with great airflow.
  • Don't forget to replace a paper towel if the first sheet gets wet.
  • Check to see whether the weed is dry or not after a few hours and no mold doesn't develop.

2. The Rice Method

This another low-cost way to dry your cannabis. All you need to prepare is rice and a dry glass mason jar. As we all know, rice has the ability to suck up moisture. 

  • Place your wet weed in a mason jar and fill the jar with dry rice.
  • Uncover the jar and leave the jar in a place with decent airflow and for a day 
  • Take a look at your cannabis and ensure it is moldy after a day.
  • If you feel that the weed isn't dry enough, use the paper method again.

Things You Need to Know During Dry Your Weed:

Here are two condition you need to get rid of your weed. One, your damp weed contains even a bit of mold, two your weed is wet due to being dumped in any body of water where there's chemicals or salt, such as ocean or pool. Some people think that electric method like blowdryer can dry the ganja. Not mention that a blowdryer will tarnish weed's quality, methods like these degrade its potential and taste to deliver a smooth hit.

Finally, no matter dry cannabis or stick weed nugs, keep it out of the sun and store in a cool, dark place.