Top 4 Dab Tools You Need For Dabbing

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Top 4 Dab Tools You Need For Dabbing

If you're new to dabbing with a glass dab rig, you'll notice there is a lot of dab tools on the market for you to choose, but you'll probably be confused with all the specific terms like carb cap, dabber, terp pearls, and bangers, what are those things and why they could make your dab sessions more pleasant? In this article, we'll be explaining the use and some buying tips for dab tools in 2020. 

What Are Dab Tools?

There mainly types of dab tools on the market: bangers, carb caps, dabbers, and terp pearls.

What's A Banger? 

A banger is referring to the titanium or quartz dab nail that you place on the joint of your dab rig for vaporizing your cannabis concentrates like resin, shatter, wax, and the vapor will pass through the water inside the dab rig for chilling and filtration for the best dabbing experience. 

The banger must be heated to more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit in order to vaporize the concentrates, it could be heated by a butane torch or the heating coil from an enail kit electrically. 

What Type Of Banger Is The Best For Dabbing? Titanium Or Quartz? 

Titanium Nails

Titanium nails are perfect for high-temperature dabs, titanium nails were the most popular dab nails back when dabbing had just been catching on, by using a butane torch or heating coil, the titanium banger could reach more than 900 degrees Fahrenheit in less than two minutes, the titanium nail will glow in red due to the heat, and whatever type of concentrates you place on it will be vaporized within a blink of the eye. 

But the downside of using a titanium nail is quite obvious as well, if you're dabbing sticky concentrates, it'll be burned quite easily and it's a pain in the ass to clean, also since the temperature is high, the taste of your concentrates could be ruined and the vapor is super hot so you'll need to make sure that you have a big dab rig to contain enough water for cooling down the vapor before it hurts your throat and your lungs. 


Quartz Bangers

Quartz bangers, on the other hand, are perfect for low-temperature dabs, savoring the flavors of your concentrates. 

Quartz bangers were very expensive to buy back in the days since back then, there aren't many manufacturers that could master the technique for processing raw quartz material and shaping quartz tubes into desirable shapes to be used as a quartz dab nail. But now there are more than 100 manufacturers and brands worldwide making quartz bangers that allow the prices of them dropping dramatically and you can buy them from your local smoke shop or an online headshop with ease. 

The only downside of using a quartz banger is that it takes longer to heat than titanium nails, generally speaking, a quartz banger takes more than two minutes to heat with a butane torch. 

How Much Should I Spend On A Banger?

price for bangers

Quartz bangers are generally priced from $9 to $100+, titanium nails cost you from $12 to $50.

The prices vary due to different brands and built-quality. A pure quartz banger could last a lifetime if properly cared for, a titanium nail, however, should be replaced every now and then for the possible material instability causing it to release harmful materials. 

What Is A Carb Cap?

Carb Cap

A carb cap is a tool for "Carbing" when you're using a domeless dab nail with a dab rig. 

Since most of the dab nails on the market are domeless, meaning there is no cover on top of the banger to prevent vapor from escaping, so that's when a carb cap comes in handy, when you place the concentrates into your preheated dab nail, as soon as the concentrates start to vaporize, put the carb cap on top of the banger to keep all the vapor inside. 

How Many Types Of Carb Caps Are Out There?

At first, there is only one type of carb cap, it's a simple cap made from glass or quartz with a carb hole located on the top to direct air into the banger when you inhale, but as time goes by, there are many different types of carb caps being invented for different purposes, we'll talk you through some of the most iconic ones: 

Directional Carb Cap - The directional carb cap features a bent vent for directing the airflow inside the banger, when you inhale, gently twist the directional carb cap and the airflow will be hitting the concentrates from all directions for more thorough vaporization. 

Directional Carb Cap

Titanium Carb Cap With Dabber

Carb Cap With Dabber Attached - This type of carb cap will feature a fixed carb hole located on top of the cap and a stick shape dabber for you to pick the stickier type of concentrate from their container and placing them into the banger. The dabber could also help you stir the concentrates to prevent it from sticking onto the bottom of your banger. 

Carb Cap With Dabber Attached

Spiral Carb Cap

Spiral Airflow Carb Cap - This type of carb cap is used with terp pearls. In order to make the terp pearls spin inside the banger to stir the concentrate, you'll need a spiral airflow carb cap to direct multiple air streams in. 

Spiral Airflow Carb Cap

Novelty Carb Cap

Novelty Carb Caps - If functionality is not your main concern, you can always go with a novelty carb cap that features a cactus, a cute duckie, or your favorite cartoon characters. A novelty carb cap could be the perfect 420 gifts for a fellow dabber! 

How Much Does A Carb Cap Cost? 

It all depends on the difficulties in processing(making) and the materials used for making the carb caps. A glass carb cap will cost you from $5 to $30, a quartz carb cap costs from $9 to $50, a titanium carb cap could cost more than $50

What's A Dabber?

All Seeing Eye Novelty Glass Dabber | For Quartz Bangers | SALE

Dabbers are a type of dab tool that you use for stirring the concentrates in the banger while it's vaporizing for a more complete vaporization. Although technically speaking, a dabber is not a must-have item when it comes to dabbing with a dab rig, but it would surely help if you're dabbing the stickier type of concentrates, stirring the concentrates will help to prevent it from sticking on the bottom of your banger and left a pile of burned char. 

How Much Does A Dabber Cost? 

A glass dabber will cost you around $5~$50 and a titanium one will cost you around $10~$60+ depending on the brands and the functionalities of the dabber. 

What Are Terp Pearls? 

Terp pearls or terp balls are referring to the dab tool that you put into your banger (quartz bangers mostly), by using with a spiral carb cap, when you inhale, the terp pearls will start to spin inside your banger, in the process the terp pearl will help stir and mixing the concentrates in the banger for more thorough vaporization. 

How Much Do Terp Pearls Cost? 

Terp pearls on the market are being sold in packs, most online headshop will be selling them two or four balls in a pack, the prices for them ranging from $9.99 to $20. 


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