Top 4 Bong Accessories You Need

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Top 4 Bong Accessories You Need

When it comes to smoking dry herb, there is nothing that could compare to a good old bong rip! Although the dabbing game is catching on fast, the stoner community gradually adapted the dab rigs and quartz bangers and such to dab concentrate like wax, resin shatter, and more instead of just smoking dry herb. 

Water pipes are still essential for enjoying your herb, I don't know about you but I do enjoy the simple old ways, get an ounce of sticky good from the shop, go home, grind it up and pack a bowlful, smoke it and chill after a long day at work. 

For me, smoking dry herb with a water pipe gets the more controllable high, dabbing concentrates that's got more than 80% THC purity fucks me up right away, I couldn't feel my face after dabbing let along trying to do chores or even talk to someone(most of the time I just forgot my last sentence and lost track of all my thoughts and reasoning). 

Yeah, yeah! I get it! Dabbing is healthier from all perspective, but my weak Asian body just can't take it, and I believe there is a lot of people out there are just like me. Not to mention concentrates are not as easy to come by like dry herb in other parts of the world. 

So in this article, we'll be talking about the top 5 bong accessories you need for smoking from a bong, how to use them, how much are they, and some buying tips like always. 

Bong Bowls

Every now and then, you'll need to replace your bong bowl with a new one, it gets dirty pretty soon, although you can clean it with the Ziploc bag method or just by boiling it ( for how to clean your downstems and pipes please read here: How To Clean Quartz Bangers?, The Ultimate Guide: How to Clean Your Bong, Glass Pipe, and Bubblers), time will come for you to realize that buying a new bong bowl could be a much easier solution. 

What's A Bong Bowl?

Bong bowls, or bong pieces, are a type of bowl that made from glass, quartz, or metal to contain your ground dry herb for smoking from a bong. 

Bong bowls are made in different sizes (10mm, 14mm, 18mm) and sex (male and female), for example, if your bong features a 14mm female joint, then you'll need a 14mm male joint bong bowl to work with it, vice versa. 

How Much Does A Bong Bowl Cost? 

There are many brands(Empire Glass in particular) and manufacturers on the market that makes beautiful and functional bong bowls features cartoon characters, animals, celebrities and more, novelty bong bowls like these could cost you more than $50 for a piece, but if you 're just looking for a simple design glass bowl piece to replace your old one, you can get one for around $5~$15 from your local smoke shop or online headshop. 


Ash Catchers

If you have already purchased a percolator bong that cost you a fortune, you'll probably notice that the percolators inside the bong are nearly impossible to clean using just our daily cleaning agent like alcohol or dish soap, as time go by, you'll see resins building upon all layer of the percolator, not only it's an eyesore, the tar-like goo can also affect the taste of your dry herb. That's when an ash catcher comes in handy. 

What's An Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is a type of outer percolator made from glass mostly that does the first round of filtration before the smoke goes into your bong, it'll feature one or more than one percolator to "collect" the ashes and resin residue when the smoke passes through the water inside the ash catcher. 

How To Use An Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher features two joints, one joint connects the bowl piece that contains the ground dry herb, and the other joint connects the bong. You then light the dry herb like you usually do and the smoke will travel through the ash catcher before it goes into the bong. 

You'll probably notice when you're using an ash catcher with your bong that you need to pull harder, that's completely normal since there is another chamber that contains water and you'll need to pull harder for the mixture of air and smoke to get through. 

How Much Does An Ash Catcher Cost?

The prices for ash catchers depends on the glass thickness, built quality, and filtration abilities. An ash catcher with a simple percolator like a UFO perc or dish perc will cost you around $20~$50, an ash catcher that features a more delicate percolator like the tree perc or matrix perc will cost you from $30~$80



Glass Dropdowns For Bongs

We've received more than 10 emails asking us "Yo, can I use my bong as a dab rig? Do I just slap a banger onto my bong?" Well, the answer is both yes and no, to convert your bong into a dab rig, you'll need to check the thickness of your bong first.

If you have a cheap bong that features thin glass, the amount of heat that's conducted from the quartz banger or titanium nail could stress your bong's joint too much causing it to break. 

That's when you'll need a glass dropdown adapter to prevent the heat from conducted directly to your bong. 

What's A Glass Dropdown?

A glass dropdown is pretty easy to recognize, it's a "Z" shape glass tube that features two joint, one joint connects to the quartz banger or the titanium nail, the other joint connects the bong. 

The idea of using a glass dropdown is to prevent the bong from breaking due to the heat, especially when you're dabbing concentrates with a glowing red titanium nail. If your nail is getting too hot for the glass to handle, the glass dropdown will break instead of your bong. 

The other benefit being the glass dropdown could also collect some of the concentrates to be reused later. 

How Much Does A Glass Dropdown Cost?

A typical generic(brandless) glass dropdown for bong will cost you around $10~$20, a branded glass dropdown with thicker glass will cost you more than $30. You can also buy the 3 pack dropdown bundle on



Downstem For Bongs

If you're using a relatively simple structured beaker bong or silicone bong, there is a big possibility that your bong features a removable downstem. 

What's A Downstem?

A downstem is a glass tube that goes into the chamber of your beaker bong or silicone bong to direct the smoke generated from dry herb combustion into the water for filtration and the cooling down smoke making it easier for your throat and lungs. 

 What Are The Sizes For A Downstem For Bong?

When we are talking about the sizes of a downstem for bongs, we are talking the length and the joint sizes(also sex), the length of a downstem is generally ranging from 2.5" to 5" and the most commonly seen downstem features an 18mm male joint for inserting into the bong and a 14mm female joint to put a 14mm male bowl piece on. 

Please note that although more than 80% of the beaker bongs that requires a removable downstem on the market features an 18mm female joint, there are other types of bongs that also requires a downstem like a straight tube glass bong or silicone bong, you'll need to read the description of your bong, ask the vendor or staff of your online headshop to know the exact joint size and sex of your bong before you buy a replacement downstem. 

How Much Does A Downstem Cost?

It all depends on the materials that the downstem is made from and the brand. Generally speaking, a glass downstem for bongs would cost you around $7~$15, an acrylic downstem would cost your around $3~$7, and a metal downstem would cost you around $10~$20+

Please note that some branded downstems could be priced unreasonably high, if you are not too big of a fan for a certain brand, we don't recommend that you waste money on them and frankly, all downstems works the same with or without the logo, so choose wisely. 

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