The Best Accessories for Glass Bongs in 2019

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The Best Accessories for Glass Bongs in 2019

It's time to amp up your weed game. With this year's top toking accessories, your glass bong won't be just any old pipe.

There was a time when a bong was just a bong, but those days are long distant. With accessories of every kind suited for the glass bong variety, it only makes sense you'd want to fancify your water pipe.

Check out these accessories for glass bongs, all of which ensure a hip and efficient setup for your smoking needs. Whether for at-home use or on-the-go endeavors, they're sure to up the ante for cannabis creatures of comfort.  


Why Accessorize a Glass Bong

The glass bong title encompasses many water pipe variations. In all actuality, there is no one-size-fits-all bong, nor should there be. Every smoker is different, with unique needs in the toking department.

That's where accessories come into the picture. They help to personalize even the most run-of-the-mill bong, as well as make a nifty pipe even cooler. Perhaps most importantly, they make the smoking process more fun, and more efficient to boot.


Your Best Bets for Glass Bong Accessories

There are endless ways to accessorize your bongs. For what it's worth, we're sharing a few of our recent faves and letting you take your pick.



Everyone knows that music and weed go great together. This accessory seeks to streamline the smoking process, and it does so by combining a grinder with an actual Bluetooth speaker! Choose gold, red, green or purple for your new favorite aluminum alloy accompaniment.



What's a dab kit have to do with a glass bong? Many bongs harbor the ability to convert to a dabbing rig by switching out the joint attachment. With this super cool quartz kit, you'll have everything you need and then some to get moving on your dabbing adventure. This includes a nail, cap, heating coil, e-nail controller box, silicone containers and a packing box for all your special goods.


Whether you're physically impaired or just a bit lazy, you're going to appreciate this one. It's a fully automated grinder that does the digging for you. Charge via USB and take it with you as you venture to your next stoner destination. Once ground, simply opens the cone-shaped lid and pour out the shake in one swift move.



For those times when your conversion glass bong is on its dabbing game, a whole quartz carb cap will surely come in handy. This one in particular features 100% third-party verified pure quartz, so there's no questioning the materials at hand. There's even a dual carb hole design, with spaces on the top and bottom alike. Ultimately, you'll have some serious airflow with your next inhalation.


You obviously need a lighter for the smoking process, but you don't have to go with a basic BIC. Keep this portable pipe and lighter combo on hand at home and you'll be far more incentivized to keep track of that pesky flame. So too will you have a spare lighter for your glass bong, and one that will impress the crew.



Another one for the converts! This compact dabbing kit will grant you the supplies necessary for a concentrated venture in your very own glass bong. A total titanium bundle, it includes a nail, carb cap and even a silicone container for your wax. The package fits a 10/14/18mm male or female joint attachment, and the nail is even reversible. All in all, we think it's a pretty good deal. 

It's All About the Accessories

In the glass bong game, a great accessory really can make all the difference. For dabbers and dry herb connoisseurs alike, a fitting add-on has the power to enhance a setup beyond its origin. 

Whether you elect an e-nail for your convertible pipe or you choose a fine-looking grinder that fits the bill, always keep one thing in mind: prioritize the process, and you'll surely reap the reward.

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