The Bespoke Toke: Lux-Minded Bongs for Sale

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The Bespoke Toke: Lux-Minded Bongs for Sale

If you're keen on an upscale life, these bongs will fit the bill.

If you have a penchant for the finer things in life, we have some advice. Take pride in your interests, even if it means spending a few extra bucks. So long as you remain kind to people (yourself included), there's no shame in a little luxury.

Should weed be on your list of hobbies, why not make it as upscale as the rest of your remedies? Bongs can be just as bespoke as shopping or dining, and we just so happen to have a few high-end pipes to prove it. 

The Benefits of a Luxury Bong 

Luxury products and expensive prices don't always go hand in hand. Sure, that may be the case with a Beamer or Benz, but we're talking bongs here. As it turns out, you can get yourself a seriously intricate water bong that's well within budget. With these options, you reap the benefits of esteemed quality without breaking the bank. 

When opting for a bong on the higher end of the spectrum, you open up your options to different types of filtration systems. Things like honeycomb or UFO percolators and ash catchers frequent the top tier. Ultimately, you're paying for a better hit, whatever kind of herb you're smoking. 

With a luxury bong, it's easier to find thick, quality glass. If you're lucky, you may even encounter Heady or hand-blown glass! This improves the quality of your smoking experience every time. So too does it promote a longer life for your pipe, which may actually save you money in the long run?

Clearly, a little bit of opulence makes a big difference in the bong world, but that doesn't have to mean shelling out the cash. If you're wise, you may find the upscale hitter you've been after at a better price than you ever thought possible. 

The Best Premium Bongs


Full Price: $170 

You may have heard of a Faberge egg, but what about a Faberge percolator? This perc plays center stage in a seriously intricate design. In all actuality, the perc makes up the entire body of the bong, ultimately diffusing the water to a point where the vapor enhances the cannabis' flavor by a landslide. Whether as an herb bong or an oil rig, this is quite the upscale setup.

With the forest-green glass to accentuate a transparent body, this bong looks as good as it functions (and at 5mm thick, the glass is quite the contender). Add accessories like a quartz carb cap and quartz banger to make it especially opulent.


Full Price: $185 

For a sizeable accomplice to your at-home shenanigans, this 16" setup takes the lead. Built by hand, it features dual UFO percolators, one of which sports a mushroom design. It's no stranger to bubbles and takes great pride in smooth hits as a result. 

For smoking and dabbing alike, it's quite the attractive bong. Clear glass accentuates green and blue coloring. Multiple sectors prove thorough attention to detail, as does a marble dish design. If for nothing other than a high-end addition to your decor, however, you'd sure be missing out.


Full Price: $120 

Sometimes, you can tell a bong's quality just by looking at it. This pyramid-shaped variant proves it. With one, two, three percolators amidst its confines, you'll have entertainment with every hit. Honeycomb perc, turbine perc, and even spiral ice perc are all a part of the package—no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Despite the intricacies this bong provides, it retains a modest size (less than 9" tall). Moreover, it appears as gorgeous as it functions. All in all, it's perfect for someone seeking a work of art that puts the display in motion.  



Full Price: $120 

For a bong that makes the most of its space, seek no further. In comparison to its 10" tall body, this rig provides a massive sprinkler percolator. Smoke makes its way from the bowl piece to the inline diffuser, where it then traverses to the perc itself. In the blink of an eye, bubbles become the star of the show, and the smoke fancies a vortex motion for a grand encore.

With glass that's 5mm thick, this bong clearly doesn't skimp on quality. Should you desire to add them, quartz accessories transform an herb-friendly bong into a dab-ready rig.


Full Price: $ 160

Now, this is what we like to call a centerpiece. A true Puffing Bird Glassware Series gem, it features a six-cylinder recycler on the external body. The recycler serves to deconstruct smoke and vapor, cooling the hit tenfold; it really makes a noteworthy difference, and it looks good doing it. 

It's not just any old glass bong, either. Premium borosilicate glass makes up the entire body, proving that quality reigns in this territory. At a foot tall, it's the perfect size for an at-home setup, for looks and function alike.


Full Price: $280 

This beaker bong is so surreal that it actually collapses into two pieces. Handmade by a glass artist local to us, it reaches 18" tall when fully assembled. Thanks to its two-piece build, it's suitable for travel and convertible should you wish to mix and match.

Accompanied by an ice catcher, this bong showcases a tried and true Heady percolator right in the tube. Multi-colored glass stands out against a clear background. Take it to the dabbing level by accessorizing with a bubble quartz carb cap and thick quartz banger. 

High-End Bongs for Sale

With their high-end nature and highly inspiring configurations, this lot of luxury bongs is unparalleled. By opting for a premium bong, you don't have to pick and choose your favorite accessories, nor do you have to select between features you've always wanted. 

After investing in a luxury bong, the only thing left to heighten will be your own mind—but that comes with time, and you may be the only person who can help with that. 

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