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In the stoner world, heat is a magical element. Without it, cannabis consumption would be downright difficult. But its benefits aren't suspended at necessity. Heat can bring a sense of enthusiasm and functionality to the smoking process, too, by way of something called thermochromic quartz banger. Thermochromic bangers sure look pretty, but what lies—quite literally—below the surface? Here's the lowdown on this color-changing accessory, how it functions in your dab nail and all the ways you can see it come to life.   What are Thermochromic Dab Nails? Dab nails made from thermochromic glass are a recent niche in the...

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  As marijuana/weed legalization process going smoothly in both the US and Canada, as the "Weed Business" grows, there are more cannabis products out there than ever. Dabbing cannabis concentrates is now considered one of the most healthy way to make use of marijuana without a combustion.    5. The Bulldozer Quartz Banger Price: $18.99 The bulldozer is one of our favorites in the office! The name is pretty self- explanatory, it looks like a tiny bulldozer!  The wide, bucket-like cup increases the heating area. After heating up the extra thick 2mm bottom, as you put your concentrates of choice...

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