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 A bong is more than just a slab of glass, and this examination of bong parts and pieces is evidence.

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Bongs, Silicone Bongs -

Bongs crafted from silicone are a category all their own. Here's what to expect with silicone material. Glass bongs may have been the start of it all, but it's no longer the sole contender. With the weed industry growing more vast each day, there's more than one option at your beck and call. That's just where silicone bongs come into play. Plenty of manufacturers craft bongs and other smoking accessories from silicone itself. But how does silicone hold up, and what are the benefits that come with this smoking method? We want to share the skinny on silicone, with everything...

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With the legalization of Cannabis in some states, most people are looking for the best smoking devices. A silicone bong is one such device. Although silicone bongs are relatively new on the market, they are increasingly becoming popular among smokers. Smokers prefer silicone bongs because unlike glass bongs, they do not break. The most popular ones are the silicone Skull bongs because they have detachable ice catchers. There are different types of silicone bongs on the market which include7-inch bongs, 14-inch bongs, Badass Skull Bong and many more. Silicone bongs come in different colors. Companies are coming up with creative...

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