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Silicone is one of the newest smoker-friendly pipes to hit in the market lately.  Silicone pipes are an excellent choice for people who are prone to accidents or those who have a long history of broken pieces. If for the last year you have used many pieces of glass pipes, you might want to consider switching to silicone pipes. Before we can look at the reasons why silicone is a good choice, it is essential to understand what it is. What are the materials that make silicone, and what process is used in its manufacture? Silicone and the process of...

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Glass Bongs are always our #1 choice when it comes down to smoking dry herbs, comparing to smoking from a glass pipe or a joint, smoke that had been filtered by air had already got rid of most of the tar and other harmful stuff. Not to mention that many of the bongs listed on Puffing Bird feature ice catchers, you can put ice cubes even snow in the bong to get an even more chilled smoke experience.  Let's round up which we think are the best bongs in 2018(so far). 5. The Pineapple Theme Bong Enough with the Spongebob...

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For one to enjoy smoking to the maximum, then they require determination, proper preparation, and acquiring the right smoking accessory. Glass pipes are the standard and known ways of smoking. Furthermore, there are various accessories you can use not only for smoking purpose but also to enhance your experience in smoking. These accessories include the following; Grinders A grinder is an essential tool that anyone who regularly smokes the glass pipe ought to have. The herb grinder can easily convert the compact herbs to an excellent blend that one can smoke. Also, the grinders ensure that you do not lose...

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Bubblers, chillums, Glass Pipes, online headshop, Sherlock Pipes, Spoon Pipes -

Most of the smokers usually use various methods when inhaling tobacco and cannabis. Glass pipes come with different shapes and are made from different materials. The most common materials used include wood, glass, and ceramic.

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Time flies! It's about 7 months since we launched the Puffing Bird headshop and we are still learning from the mistakes we made and we are humble to accept criticism from our customers, the primary goal for us now is educating ourselves and improve the shopping experience on the site to meet the needs of stoners from all over the world.  There are 2 significant changes we've made in September and October. We managed to cut our prices down on glass pipes, bongs, and dab rigs, and implement free worldwide shipping program for all orders by cooperating with a new logistics service provider....

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