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What is a grinder? Grinding your weed before smoking is a crucial step in the consumption process. Using a grinder gives you an even and consistent burn when you're smoking, maximizes efficiency, and lets you get the most smoke out of your bud. While you can always pick apart your weed with your fingers, using a specialized herb grinder is by far the best way to break your cannabis down into smaller, more smokable pieces. If you’re new to cannabis, you may wonder what is weed grinders use for. A weed grinder is a device you use to grind your cannabis completely...

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Puffingbird is an online smoke head shop devoted to providing more options and a better shopping experience for customers. For those people who are weed lovers, we have specially listed several ways to smoke weed. Nowadays, the way of weed smoking is increasingly diversified and changeable. Choosing the most suitable way due to time and place is most important to a serious stoner. So, will it be joints, weed pipes, glass bongs, or all three? Seasoned stoners have a clear mind that chooses the best smoking tools for themselves. Come and check out this smoking guide. Bongs Functional percolator/recycler bongs...

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For one to enjoy smoking to the maximum, then they require determination, proper preparation, and acquiring the right smoking accessory. Glass pipes are the standard and known ways of smoking. Furthermore, there are various accessories you can use not only for smoking purpose but also to enhance your experience in smoking. These accessories include the following; Grinders A grinder is an essential tool that anyone who regularly smokes the glass pipe ought to have. The herb grinder can easily convert the compact herbs to an excellent blend that one can smoke. Also, the grinders ensure that you do not lose...

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