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Puffingbird is an online smoke head shop devoted to providing more options and a better shopping experience for customers. For those people who are weed lovers, we have specially listed several ways to smoke weed. Nowadays, the way of weed smoking is increasingly diversified and changeable. Choosing the most suitable way due to time and place is most important to a serious stoner. So, will it be joints, weed pipes, glass bongs, or all three? Seasoned stoners have a clear mind that chooses the best smoking tools for themselves. Come and check out this smoking guide. Bongs Functional percolator/recycler bongs...

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It’s that time of the year again, a most wonderful day for stoners is coming. In the past year, we have been experiencing an eventful and tough life because of COVID-19. Even that, we should still have an active attitude on this 4/20 celebration and expect a better future. To celebrate this unique day, purchase a unique 420 gift for yourself or friends and make sure you have everything you need at the party. Whether enail bundle or tiny accessory, you can find everything you need for smoking or dabbing on Puffingbird. In order to provide a better shopping experience...

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Summer is right around the corner! Most of us are planning to go on a road trip or hiking in the mountains, as a stoner, a handy glass pipe is a must-have item to enjoy your dry herbs the whole trip!  So on today's Puffing Bird Wiki, we'll be picking out some of the glass hand pipes listing on that we think are the perfect pipes for going on a trip with! We'll be comparing these pipes by their portability, durability and "headiness" and giving them star ratings. Hope this can help you find the perfect glass pipes for...

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  Best 420 Gifts For Boys 1.8.3" Eyeball in Monster Hand Heady Glass Pipe This unique piece of heady glass features a spooky theme that a dark monster hand holds an eyeball. Our local artist handcrafts the whole pipe from high-quality borosilicate glass. The mouthpiece locates on one end of the monster arm. On the other end is the monster hand, where an eyeball-shaped bowl piece locates in the center of the palm. This is a perfect Halloween vibe pipe. Great Gift for 420! Eye Ball Bowl Piece Length: 8.3" / 21 cm Clear Glass Marble Stand  Large Carb Hole Left Side Carb Hole Sturdy Base HANDMADE...

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1. Fumed Purple Color Changing Glass Spoon Pipe w/ Glass Marble This beautiful color changing spoon pipe is made from fumed glass features a glass marble on the bowl piece. Shiny golden dots scattered around its blue and purple color galaxy style body.  Accent Color Vary Clear Marble Color Changing Pipe Left Side Carb Hole Large Carb Hole Length: 4.9" / 12.5 CM Flat Bottom Handmade Glass Pipe THICK GLASS DEEP BOWL FUMED GLASS COLORED GLASS WORKED GLASS 2. Three-Toned Dichroic Glass Pipe with Marble Grip   This beautiful three-toned inside-out glass spoon pipe is a piece of amazing artwork. The glass is mixed with the high-quality dichroic coating. The whole pipe features 6 raised clear glass marbles on...

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