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In this long article, we'll be talking about some basic stuff you'll need to know about dry herb vaporizers. There are two types of dry herb vaporizers on the market, the desktop dry herb vaporizers, and the handheld dry herb vaporizers, we'll be focusing on the handheld version since they are easy to carry, cheap to buy and you can find them practically anywhere. If you have any questions regarding purchasing your first dry herb vaporizer that this article had not been able to provide the answer to, feel free to contact us via info@puffingbird.com, we would love to help...

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Dry herb vaporizers had been in high demand in the past few months, we kept receiving emails about why Puffing Bird hasn't listed any vape pen for dry herbs yet.  Well, the answer to that is quite simple, here at Puffing Bird we take our reputation seriously and we want to list only quality products from quality manufacturers, before listing any vape pen on Puffing Bird we need to contact the distributors even brands directly to understand their warranty policies and their qualifications for these types of products. We've been doing our homework in the last 3 months and now...

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