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If you're new to dabbing with a glass dab rig, you'll notice there is a lot of dab tools on the market for you to choose, but you'll probably be confused with all the specific terms like carb cap, dabber, terp pearls, and bangers, what are those things and why they could make your dab sessions more pleasant?

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If you're new to dabbing concentrates/oils, you probably know that now you'll need a dab rig and a quartz banger to get started, but you still need one final piece of the puzzle for a perfect dabbing experience: a carb cap. Ever since dabbing had become more and more of a mainstream way to enjoy cannabis, many of the stoners we know that used to smoking buds had already purchased a set of new tools to catch the wave.  Many of the starters know the basics of dabbing through all kinds of channels, but most of the dabbing tutorials available...

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