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Water bongs are one of the most popular and common smoking ways for stoners. Unlike a glass pipe, a water bong has a chamber for loading water that provides smoother hits. So water bongs perfect for those stoners who want a smoother smoking experience. Whether you’re smoking alone at home or share your favorite dry herbs with your friends at the party, water bongs always do the trick. When it comes to choosing a water bong, what kind of material bong is your first choice?  There are two most common materials of bongs on the market. Glass bongs are the most popular among...

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Puffingbird is an online smoke head shop devoted to providing more options and a better shopping experience for customers. For those people who are weed lovers, we have specially listed several ways to smoke weed. Nowadays, the way of weed smoking is increasingly diversified and changeable. Choosing the most suitable way due to time and place is most important to a serious stoner. So, will it be joints, weed pipes, glass bongs, or all three? Seasoned stoners have a clear mind that chooses the best smoking tools for themselves. Come and check out this smoking guide. Bongs Functional percolator/recycler bongs...

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It’s that time of the year again, a most wonderful day for stoners is coming. In the past year, we have been experiencing an eventful and tough life because of COVID-19. Even that, we should still have an active attitude on this 4/20 celebration and expect a better future. To celebrate this unique day, purchase a unique 420 gift for yourself or friends and make sure you have everything you need at the party. Whether enail bundle or tiny accessory, you can find everything you need for smoking or dabbing on Puffingbird. In order to provide a better shopping experience...

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What's A Downstem? A downstem is referring to the "glass tube" that you insert it into a bong(the bong could be made from glass, silicone, acrylic, ceramic, doesn't matter what kind of material the bong is made from), to help direct the smoke and air into the water inside the bong for filtration and chilling the smoke for a smooth hit that's easier on your throat and your lungs.  The Downstem breaks the smoke down and mixes it with water to filtrate materials that are harmful to the human body like Hydrogen cyanide, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Benzene, etc.  And the downstem also help...

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When it comes to choosing a beautifully designed and functional glass bong for enjoying your favorite dry herb, a recycler bong should be on the top of your list! Comparing to traditional designs like the beaker bong or the straight tube bongs, a recycler bong's making is much more complicated, there are usually some tubings going around the bong to connect the bottom of the bong and the top of the bong.  What Is A Recycler Bong Exactly? A recycler bong is a type of bong that features a "recycling" function, a recycler bong is most commonly seen to be...

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