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What Is A 510 Thread Battery? A 510 thread battery or 510 thread vape pen is referring to the type of handheld portable vaporizer battery that fits and operable for all 510 thread prefilled cartridges, atomizers, or 510 tanks.  The 510 thread battery is widely accepted by the vaping and stoner community since they are very affordable and you can purchase one from any online or local smoke shop easily, some prefilled 510 thread THC/CBD cartridges vendors would even give you a 350 mAh fixed voltage battery for free if you buy more than a certain number of their cartridges,...

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Yeah yeah yeah, you said it, we heard it, Puffing Bird officially carries 510 thread batteries from now on.  What Took Us So Long To List 510 Thread Batteries? We know that vaping concentrates is a much healthier solution than smoking dry herb, but finding reputable brands and manufacturers that are making the top quality 510 thread batteries had not been a smooth experience for us. There are many vendors who claim to be supplying genuine branded 510 thread batteries are selling knock-offs, we had been very careful about making our own standards for purchasing these types of products because...

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