3 Reasons To Buy Your Bong/Pipe From Online Headshops

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3 Reasons To Buy Your Bong/Pipe From Online Headshops

Everyone will need to buy their smoking gears somewhere sometime, as the medical and the entertainment use of marijuana has become more and more common in not just the US and Canada but all over the world, buying water pipes/bong or pipe from a local smoke shop or headshop is not the only option anymore, there are more and more online headshops open for business every day. 

Stoners all over the world are wondering:

"Should I buy from a local headshop or an online headshop?"

Well, let us break it down for you.

Reason #1: Buying From An Online Headshop Can Save You Some Serious Cash.

Have you walked into a headshop and be amazed by the vast collection of smoking gears? Well, the collection might not be the only thing that would shock you, the price in these middle~large scale headshops can be ridiculously high. For example, a glass pipe can cost you around $50~$200, a water pipe/bong can cost you up to $500! 

Charging high prices is like a trade tradition in the headshop business, making at least 100% profit is a standard practice. While we do understand that running an offline headshop is a lot more expensive than an online one, and the offline headshops face breakage of glass products when you purchase in bulk, but that doesn't mean that they should charge $200 on a $20 cost, that's just straight ripping people off. 

When it comes to buying on online headshops you can see the prices usually are only half of what they charge on a local headshop, sometimes even lower than that.

How's that possible you might ask.

The online headshops like Puffing Bird usually work directly with the manufacturers, most of the products are made from China, some people will immediately frown on that even disgust by the idea. But the truth is, more than 90% of the products you see in a US-based headshop are made in China, that's a FACT. 

Glass pipes or bongs that made in China doesn't mean underage larbours make them what happened is the exact opposite. Glass blowing is an art and it needs years of practice to become a glass blower. Workers in those factories are seasoned glass blowers age 30+, they are good at their job and they receive a salary that's even better for the people at their age working a desk job, they make a decent living and the hourly wage is still way lower than the glass blowers in the US, that's why people got the misconception of being cheap is just being low quality, that's just not true.

By cutting the middleman, online headshops can keep the prices low, and by storing in China or HK, whenever there is an order, we inspect the product and ship from the warehouse saving a lot of money on storage as well. The result is you get a product you love without spending a fortune.

Reason #2: Wider Range Of Choices Available From Online Headshops.

Online Headshop

Local headshops are confined with a limited collection of products.

When local headshops order from merchants, especially the merchants based in China, there is an MOQ-Minimum Order Quantity. As a business owner, you don't know which product will be popular or not, you don't want to stock products that can't sell. So local headshops will only stock products that have been popular for a while and that's why you will find that many headshops have the same products on their shelves.

Online headshops don't have that kind of problem, as we mentioned earlier, we work directly with manufacturers so whenever there is a new product we like that had just come out, we don't need to worry about the MOQ, we test it and if everything turns out fine with our staff then we list the products on our website. It's just that simple for us, that why you'll find unique products being listed every month even every week to fulfill your need for a piece that suits you the best.

Reason #3: Alternative Payment Options.

Alternative Payments Headshop

"We Accept Cash Only"

That's the sticker you'll probably find on the door of your local headshop. 

According to Wikipedia:

"The use, sale, and possession of all forms of cannabis in the United States is illegal under federal law. As a Schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970, cannabis (legal term marijuana) is considered to have "no accepted medical use" and have a high potential for abuse and physical or psychological dependence. Cannabis use is illegal for any reason, with the exception of FDA-approved research programs.  However, individual states have enacted legislation permitting exemptions for various uses, mainly for medical and industrial use."*

And marijuana-related gears or officially "drug paraphernalia" in many states, are also illegal. So that's why many of the offline headshops can only accept cash payment.

However, for online headshops, there are more payment options for your need. Aside from the traditional ways like paying with your Paypal, Visa, Master or American Express, if you are really into protecting your privacy, paying with various cryptocurrencies like Etherium or Bitcoins etc will be the best option. Just like buying on Amazon, you can pick the stuff you like and order with practically any kind of payment option you want, you don't need to show up in local headshops and being judged just being around a headshop any more!

In Conclusion 

It's not like we are against purchasing your smoking gear from local headshops, supporting local business is a good thing! A lot of small headshops are charging reasonable prices for their products, we are talking about those headshops that pass Chinese made glass pipes or bongs as American made, making a considerable profit regardless the quality for their products. That's what we are against. 

As buying stuff online becoming more and more common, choose a reliable online headshop like Puffing Bird to fulfill your smoking needs.

*Source: Wikipedia: Cannabis in the United States https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_in_the_United_States