Dissecting Bongs: Parts and Pieces

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Dissecting Bongs: Parts and Pieces

 A bong is more than just a slab of glass, and this examination of bong parts and pieces is evidence.


You may understand the bong as a single unit that serves as an instrument for cannabis consumption. While they definitely do function in unison, bongs are far from a one-piece setup.


Learn about the various bits of glass bongs, beaker bongs and other types of bongs. Once you have the lowdown, you'll be a local expert on all things bongs, including their various parts and the functions each of them serve. Come next sesh, you'll be sharing your wealth of knowledge with friends and family who could use a few fun facts in their life.


The Bowl


The journey for your flower may begin at the grinder, but it soon makes its way to the bowl piece. This is where flame meets green, and where the bong's magic commences.


There are large bowls as well as more compact variants, but almost all of them are of similar construction (think a hole at the bottom for the smoke to travel through). Some come with filtered glass or wire screens, to keep the bud from falling through.


Even after investing in a quality bong, you can check out unique bowl pieces from artistic glass blowers that fit in your bong. This way, you wind up with a genuine one-of-a-kind setup that no one can recreate.


The Ash Catcher


If you're wondering what an ash catcher is, it's all in the name. This attachment, crafted from glass, serves as a method of snatching ash before it makes its way to the water.


Even with a fine screen on your bowl piece, ash can still fall through. It's in these instances that an ash catcher really comes in handy. You don't want it traveling throughout the bong and maybe even making its way to your mouth (we're cringing at the thought). Because they catch much of the grime, they also tend to keep you from having to clean your whole bong as frequently.


An ash catcher doesn't always serve just a single purpose. Sometimes, they're crafted with additional filtration methods right within the confines, like percolators. Some of these ash catcher artisans really get crazy!


The Joint


If you know about the down stem attachment, you'll want to know about the joint (and even if you don't know about the down stem, you will after reading this article). A joint is what holds the down stem in place.


When shopping for bongs, you'll see a few different joint sizes. They come in 10mm, 14mm and 18mm sizes. If you ever purchase a separate down stem, bowl piece or ash catcher, you'll want to refer to your joint's size and make sure you purchase something that fits the bill.


Female joints are suitable for toking dry herb, as they fit male attachments. On the contrary, male joints hold female attachments, and serve as the preferred method for oils and concentrate.


The Down Stem


While you don't often directly work with the down stem when smoking out of a bong, it's a crucial aspect of the bong's anatomy. Consider it an avenue that joins the forces of the bowl piece and the water in your pipe.


Down stems come as either a fixed or removable piece. If it is removable, it's wise to use some sort of clip to keep it attached to the bong while in use.


Cheap or affordable bongs may come with something called a slide, which is basically a down stem and bowl in one. On the contrary, high-end pipes may include a down stem and percolator in a single piece, adding yet another layer of filtration to your device.


The Ice Catcher


This is a fun bit that finds its way into many bongs, especially if they already come with one or more percolators. A few internally facing points find their way into the cylinder, holding ice that helps to cool your hits.


The ice catcher does more than hold ice. It can also hold snow in the colder months or simply serve as a way to guard from water splashes during particularly hefty rips.


When paired with a bent neck, an ice catcher transforms a regular ol' bong into something pretty ingenious. These two layers are simplistic yet effective obstacles for the smoke and water, leaving you with a hit that you can truly enjoy.


The Perc


The percolator is perhaps the most intricate aspect of a modern bong. Many of them even come with two or three percs, upping the ante for every bong to come.


Percolators serve the purpose of filtering smoke or vapor as it travels throughout glass bongs. The percolator genre is an extensive one, with multiple kinds of filters that serve unique purposes. You can find percolators that fall under a number of categories, including:


  • Honeycomb
  • UFO
  • Recycler
  • Pillar
  • Tree
  • Inline
  • Barrel


Be mindful: the more intricate the perc, the more frequently you'll have to clean your bong. Otherwise, the perc may do more harm than good!


The Mouthpiece


It's the last stop on bong highway for your cannabis, and the last place your smoke travels through before entering the confines of your body. It's the mouthpiece, a straightforward yet crucial aspect of every bong.


Whether atop a straight tube or a bent neck, mouthpieces need to be comfortable. Flared mouthpieces are common design and one that is great for beginners and experts alike.


When a flared mouthpiece joins forces with a bent neck, you can enjoy a truly comfortable experience right from your tabletop.


The Bong as a Whole


If you're a cannabis consumer, bongs are a wonderful way to get your fix, whether it be medicinal or recreational. They transform the act of toking into an event all its own, bringing more enthusiasm to the process and more joy to the final result.


From the bowl to the mouthpiece, the herb you smoke deserves a solid journey, and a good bong can give it to you. Whether it be miniature or sizeable, novelty or maturely designed, colored or clear, every bong has the potential to live a meaningful life. All you have to do is snag a quality bong, and the rest will soon be history.


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