Dab Rig VS Nectar Collector? Make the best use of a dab straw

As you may or may not know, we have already covered what and why you should choose a nectar collector in one of our previous blogs, today we would like to expand this topic a little more on comparing two the common ways of consuming dab concentrates: by doing it properly with a dab rig, or by using a nectar collector (a.k.a. dab straw).

Using dab rigs for concentrates is no doubt the most appropriate way to smoke out extracts. It would require you to properly season a banger or a nail by using a butane torch or an enail coil. Either by using a quartz banger or a titanium nail, the heating process usually takes at least 30 seconds to 1 minute and require a good move around with the flame on all the surface areas of the banger. After that, you want to scoop a good portion of oil by using a dabber and put it in the banger you just warmed up (beware of the heat), give it a good stir. Cover it with a carb cap and inhale it.

Despite the fact that this is probably the most efficient way to dab, as it generates the most smokes among all ways of dabbing, it does require all the equipment to set up and the time to wait.

If you are just using a nectar collector, all you have to do is to heat up the tip of the dab straw and dip it into the concentrates. It is a much much quicker way than the conventional way, and it does save you a lot of troubles from all the operations on the dab rig. What is the downside? It may be more direct to smoke but it doesn't generate as much smoke as what a good old rig and banger can do.

We would like to share a video by Erick Khan down below. Starting at 5:47, he showed his own comparison on using a dab rig and nectar collector. He mentioned that a nectar collector is actually great if you want to finish that stubborn last bit of the resins in the jar. He also mentioned that a nectar collector is great if you want a quick way to dab like you are playing video games or something.

Finish that last bit of weed concentrates with a nectar collector dabbing


To conclude, we want to list out a set of pros and cons between using a dab rig and a nectar collector. Hopefully, this by far will clear out some of your questions:

Dab Rig

Puffing Bird™ Mini Banger Hanger Recycle Dab Rig

Puffing Bird™ Mini Banger Hanger Recycle Dab Rig

Pros: Proper way and the smoothest way to smoke, as it does generate the most amount of smokes.
Cons: Takes effort and time to set up.

Nectar Collector

10mm Mini Nectar Collector Gift Box Set

10mm Mini Nectar Collector Gift Box Set

Pros: Handy, quick, and it can definately make use of the last bit of your concentrates.
Cons: It may not generate as much smoke as by using a dab rig.

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