Choosing your glass pipe: Glass Spoon V.S. Glass Bubbler

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Choosing your glass pipe: Glass Spoon V.S. Glass Bubbler



The glass pipe is probably the only worthy choice of a pipe when it comes to smoking your herb. Not only that it has the smoothest and cleanest taste among all materials, but it also has a lot more other perks both aesthetically and functionally.

Glass spoon, glass bubblers, glass Sherlock pipe, chillums, Gandalf pipes and etc, looking at all these different kinds of glass hand pipes can be quite confusing especially if you are new to this. Glass hand pipes can be divided into two major types: dry pipes and water pipe. The most popular type of glass dry hand pipe is a glass spoon. And a glass water hand pipe is known by the name glass bubbler. Here are few tips from Puffing Bird on guiding you what they are and how to choose.

Glass Spoon

What is a glass spoon?

A glass spoon pipe has a straightforward design that a herb bowl piece and a mouthpiece locate on both ends of the tube chamber. The bowl piece is the area where you pack your kush, featuring with a carburetor/carb hole on the left side. While burning whatever you loaded in your bowl, hold your thumb over the carb hole and inhale to draw the smoke through the tube chamber, and let go to clear the rest of the smoke.  


Pros of a glass spoon

The Glass Spoon is the most portable and size-wised option among all types of glass pipes, allowing you to put it in your pocket and carry it anywhere you like.

One other distinctive benefit of a glass spoon is that its simple structure frees you from all the complicated processes when you just want to hit a quicky. Rolling a joint or struggling to fill up the perfect amount of water in your water pipe, uh um these problems don't exist no more when sticking to a classic spoon pipe. Just load it, burn it, and inhale it.

Cons of a glass spoon

One of the major downsides of a spoon pipe is that ash could easily go through the chamber when burning your fine herb. This could easily be solved by putting a glass screen in the hole of the bowl piece to filter the ash.

The other major problem is that some may find it hard to clean. After using a glass spoon for a period of time, you will find it not quite functioning as well as when you first got it. All the buildup resins inside the chamber surely take time and work to get rid. In fact, cleaning your glass pipe is not as difficult as you may think, here's the ultimate guide to clean your glass pipe.

 How do you choose a glass spoon

A typical Glass Spoon tends to have a straight tube, they might come in different shapes and styles due to process methods, different structures, different types of glass, and even different artists.

This is an example of an inside-out glass spoon, where the clear part of glass surrounds its turquoise spiral scheme. There are many methods to make an inside-out spoon, the condense method is one of the popular among all glass artist. This particular pipe also comes with a clear marble ball on the bowl piece.

This two-tone pipe is one of our favorites, flat twisted tube creates two sub-channels letting the smoke to be compressed and distributed smoothly. 
When you see a pipe with two bowls, you don't need me to explain no more.

This mushroom glass pipe may not be a typical glass spoon you saw. Despite the novelty look of it, it is actually a pretty awesome pipe considering


There are other dry hand pipes options beyond a glass spoon. Named after the great Sherlock Holmes, a Sherlock Pipe is a perfect choice if you want to go classic. It usually has a bent neck design, blocking the ash while creating depth for smoke to come through.

Fumed Glass Sherlock Pipe

Chillum, or a one-hitter, is actually a very traditional way of smoking. It has a smaller chamber for the herb, and a larger chamber for smokes. 

Color Changing Frit Glass One Hit Chillum
This is fritted scheme glass Chillum, is made from fumed color changing glass. Color will naturally change under different lights and heat.



Glass Bubbler

What is a glass bubbler?

There is why a bubbler is called a bubbler, or a glass water pipe. As an upgrade to a normal glass pipe, a bubbler typically has a large bowl space to fill with water. A downstem connects between a bowl piece and the bottom of the large bowl, catches the ash and percolates the water, to smooth out the smoke and higher your high. A glass bubbler is the combination of both a water pipe and a dry pipe, and can be used either with water or not.

Pros of a Glass Bubbler

Smooth, smooth and smooth. This is the one and the most distinguishing factor of a glass bubbler, with or without water. Although it's slightly bigger than a normal dry pipe, with a percolator filtering the harshness of the burnt material, it doubles the smoke up giving your twice the high. 

Cons of a Glass Bubbler

Having a more complicated structure, a glass bubbler can take some effort to clean. Glass bubblers with built-in ash-catcher are especially painful, a normal q-tip might not be thin enough to reach the inner wall of the pipe to scrub off all the tars and resins accumulated throughout the time. In fact, with the right tricks and a little creativity, cleaning your glass pipe might not be as troublesome as you imagine.

How to choose a Glass Bubbler

Glass bubblers come with several styles.

A Hammer Bubbler is a glass bubbler with a straight tube chamber, looks just like a hammer. A good example would be:

Blue and Green Spiral Fumed Glass Hammer Bubbler
This spiral pattern hammer bubbler is made from fumed color changing glass, with an extra maria ring to create larger airflow compression space. 

A Sherlock Bubbler has all the features a Sherlock Pipe would have such as a bent neck design, but with an upgraded ash-catcher or percolator. Like the one below:


A Double Chamber Bubbler is an ultimate choice for maximizing your smoking experience. The two chambers percolate the smoke twice, generating a lot more smoke before you realize you might have just taken a hit that's too big. 

Double Chamber Bubbler
One bubbler, two sets of coiled perc, double the fun.


Glass Spoon or Glass Bubbler?

All these features may have lost you, but the choices are all yours. As a conclusion, we are using a simple 5 out of 5 rating to help you decide:

Glass Spoon
Portability: 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻
Price: 💰💰
Messiness: 😵
Cleaning Difficulty: 🤬 🤬 🤬 
Smoothness: 🤙🤙🤙
Chance of getting choked by the ash: somehow close 40-50% depending on how good you control your flow.🌬

Glass Bubbler
Portability: 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻
Price: 💰💰💰
Messiness: 😵😵😵
Cleaning Difficulty: 🤬 🤬 🤬 
Smoothness: 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙
Chance of getting choked by the ash: almost almost 0

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