Best Quartz Bangers In June 2019

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Best Quartz Bangers In June 2019

Best Quartz Bangers In June 2019

Quartz bangers are one of the most essential accessories when it comes to dabbing with a dab rig.

Ever since dabbing became more and more popular among the stoner community for it's a clean and healthy way of intaking your favorite cannabis concentrates or oils, providing the best value dabbing equipment and accessories has been our main tasks here at Puffing Bird. 

We have a wide range of quartz bangers available for sale, and we'll be doing reviews on different types of bangers every month base on its popularity, as dabbers ourselves, we wish this quartz banger review series on our blog can help you find a perfect banger to go with your glass piece! 

Thermal P Core Reactor Quartz Banger

Banger Design

When talking about the functionalities of a banger, this one sure takes the cake! 

We are all familiar with the thermal quartz banger, it features a double layer design, instead of using the banger as a whole, it features a cylinder-shaped tube inside the banger, the concentrates will be vaporized in that tube. 

Don't forget, it features a large block of quartz on the bottom, aka the "Core Reactor", it helps to keep the heat longer for multiple dabs and the extra surface it added to the banger can help to vaporize the concentrates and oils more thoroughly. 

Dabbing With The Thermal P Hybrid Quartz Banger

We use a recycler dab rig to go with the banger, heating the thermal P takes a bit longer than the single layer ones but it surely pays off! The heat retention on the thermal P is simply unbelievable, after 4~5 dabs it's still hot enough for more! 

We use a bubble carb cap to go with it, thanks to the core reactor, every drop of wax was vaporized thoroughly and didn't leave any blackened or charred goo on the bottom which we all know is a nightmare to clean. 


quartz banger price

The thermal P core reactor quartz banger is listed for sale on for only $24.99 including free shipping! It's probably one of the best deals you can get your hands on! 

All sizes are available, the 14mm male or female, 18mm male or female. 

Tips For Choosing A Quality Quartz Banger

Tips For Choosing A Quartz Banger

Avoid Buying Thin Bangers - In order to cut their costs, many unethical sellers would order thin quartz bangers for sale. Just like glass, thin quartz bangers just won't last long and it can potentially be dangerous. Too much heat might cause it to crack easily and it could explode under some extreme circumstances 

Look For Cracks Before Paying - A small crack on the quartz banger's cup seems like not such a big deal, but as time goes and you used it a couple of times, the crack might grow longer and it won't last long and can be dangerous to use. 

If It's Soft After Use, It's Probably Glass Not Quartz - Quartz is one of the best materials out there that could resist massive amounts of heat being applied to it, the blow torch could generate a flame that's hotter than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, if you're using a quality quartz banger there will be no problem at all, it won't become soft or deforming under these extreme conditions. 


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