5 Best Glass Bongs Under $50

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5 Best Glass Bongs Under $50

Investing in a glass bong doesn't have to break the bank. Here are a handful of under-sixty bongs you don't want to ignore.

Buying a pipe of any kind is an in-depth endeavor. You want to make certain you're getting something that satisfies your cravings for glass while giving you the opportunity to enjoy your beloved cannabis to its full capacity. 

As it turns out, you don't have to search far for a deal you deserve. With a handful of glass bongs under $60 right within our repertoire, we're eager to showcase the best budget options for our favorite smoking enthusiasts.


  1. Basic Design Glass Bong

Sale Price: $28

If you're a beginner in the world of glass bongs, this basic setup is just what you need. Made from hand-crafted, high-quality borosilicate glass, it withstands heat like its job (which, we suppose, it actually is). 


While there are no fancy percs in the chamber, this bong does come with a medium-sized carb hole, which influences air flow to provide bigger, better hits. With a 14mm female joint and removable down stem, you've got all the pieces you need to build up your bong knowledge.


  1. 9" Straight Tube Honeycomb Bong

Full Price: $45

Now we've taken a few steps beyond beginner status. This 9" bong features a straight tube design, with well-executed honeycomb perc right in the center of the cylinder. A straight neck offers the smoke a direct route from bowl piece to mouthpiece, granting you a solid hit with your inhales.


With glass that's 3mm thick and a bronze plating finish, you can relish in a bong that's just as attractive as it is sturdy. Should you become fond of dabbing one of these days, you can accessorize with female bowl attachments in a jiffy.


  1. Down Stem In Line Diffuser Pyramid Bong

Full Price:  $45

For a bong that appears as refined as it rips, this pyramid rig is the look. It features a little something called a down stem inline diffuser, which is basically a bubble-making machine. The diffuser stands in lieu of any percolators, so it's a perfect bong for folks who like to switch between oil concentrates and dry herb.


With glass that's 3mm thick and a height of 9", this bong reaps quality without going overboard. For anyone on a budget, it's a real gem.


  1. 8" Rasta UFO Perc Glass Bong

Full Price: $49.99 

Sometimes, a toke session calls for a little enthusiasm. With the rasta design of this quality bong, you get function and fun in a single take. Spots and spirals tag along with amenities like a 14mm male joint, 90-degree angle joint and a tube height of more than 8".


Yellow, green and red glass emphasize features like cone-shaped perc and a medium-sized UFO perc. It's almost hard to believe that this under-sixty bong comes with dual percolators, but we try not to question a good deal.


  1. 8" Heady Orange Glass Bong

Sale Price: $59  

This orange glass bong will make you realize that the affordable sector is much more varied than you know. Enjoy an amber ambience as you send your smoke through a medium-sized UFO perc and cone-shaped perc. After all is said and done, your final inhale will be a thoroughly enjoyable one.


Use this bong with ease thanks to a bent neck and flared mouthpiece. A 14mm male joint and female bowl piece of a matching size prove its readiness for flower, though you can always transform it into a dab rig if the need arises.


We Welcome Glass Bong Hunters on a Budget


Glass bongs are far from elitist. They're for everyone, just as our cannabis industry forefathers would have wanted. We have a number of bongs under sixty bucks, many of which are equipped with bells and whistles that any expert can enjoy.

No matter your budget, no matter your must-haves, there's a glass bong option for you. And with new bongs being added all the time, there's no shame in staying up to date, if for no other reason than to see what pipe is joining the Puffing Bird pack.


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