Best Glass Bongs in May 2019

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Best Glass Bongs in May 2019

Best Glass Bongs May 2019

Using a glass bong to smoke any kind of dry herb you like had become the standard practice, although the whole dabbing game is taking over a very large portion of the "bong market", there are still a lot of stoners who like to smoke buds instead of vapor for the "purest smoking experience" in their view. 

As the staff here at, we all have a glass bong nearby so we can take a smoke break every now and then, we love the smooth bong hits our bongs can provide so much more than a simple glass pipe, we decided to run a contest every month showcasing the best glass bongs of the month base on sales and our smoke experiences. 

If you're looking to buy a new bong to replace your old one or you're probably looking to buy your first bong, we hope this contest can provide some insights so you can pick the perfect one for yourself! 

The Penis Bong (Novelty Dick Bong)

Bong Design

This glass bong had been some of the favorites among the office and customers, the penis shaped water pipe is so life-like that it even features raised veins! 

Like most of the novelty bongs, the penis novelty bong features a glass removable downstem bowl piece, the downstem is tightly locked by the rim of blue rubber so no water will be spilled. 

Since the downstem is securely locked by the rim it can't be pulled out so easily, so it features a medium size carb hole on the left near the base, makes it a lot easier for drawing air into the bong and mix with the smoke efficiently. 

Smoking Experience

This bong is the best for smoking the more tasteful strains since it's got only limited filtration ability,  the bong is the perfect size for holding in your palm while you smoke, the round base provides some of the best grips you can find on a glass bong at this size. 

When you light up and pull, you can clearly see the smoke gathering on the base forming a small cloud, once you release the finger that plugged the carb hole and let air in, the hit might probably knock you off! A perfect bong for both the first-time and senior smokers! 


Price-wise, this bong cost under $40 and like all the other bongs we listed on, free shipping is included. Honestly, if you're looking for a funky bong as a gift for someone you care about, you just can't go wrong with this penis novelty bong! 

Straight Tube Tripple Honeycomb Perc Bong

Bong Design

When it comes to choosing a perc water pipe, you can never go wrong with honeycomb perc, not to mention this one features not only one, nor two, but three honeycomb percolators! Massive amounts of bubbles will form when water, air and smoke are passing through, the process will enrich the flavor of any dry bud and bring out the fragrance! 

This water pipe features extra thick glass and a big base, that means it will sit steadily on your tabletop, even if you tip it by accident and it drops on the wooden floor you don't need to worry it breaking so easily! 

It features a three-pitch ice catcher so you can put ice cubes(even snow!) in it to further chill the smoke.

The mouthpiece design is another highlight of this water pipe, it's flared and it covers your lip very nicely.

Smoking Experience

As we mentioned above, the smoking experience when using this bong is always subliminal, the drag is very low so you don't need to pull like crazy. we particularly like to put ice cubes in it for the most chilled hits you can ever get from a small bong like this! 


It cost only $59.99(on sale) on, a decent triple honeycomb percolator glass bong will cost you more than $150 in a headshop! 

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