10 Best Cheap Bongs Under $100

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10 Best Cheap Bongs Under $100

You'd be surprised what quality of bong you can get with less than $100. Let us show you the best there is.

Affordable doesn't have to mean crappy. It can mean a good deal on a solid product, sold by people who care more about the folks supporting them than the profit they provide.

With a number of bongs under a hundred bucks, we fall under the latter category. No two are quite the same, so the variety to go along is just as impressive as the price itself.


A Few Things to Look For In Quality Bongs 

There are a few things that make a bong worth investing in, regardless of price. Here's what to look out for while you're on the hunt: 

  • Thick Glass - High-quality or thick glass is a great bong trait to keep an eye out for. It makes the piece as a whole that much sturdier.
  • Filtration - Whether it be an ash catcher, recycler or percolator of some sort, filtration makes a world of difference in the essence of your inhalations.
  • Versatility - Sometimes, bongs come with a female joint and male bowl head, which is perfect for smoking dry herb. However, these pieces often offer the option to switch to a female attachment, which allows you to smoke oils and concentrates. If this is something that's in your repertoire, we recommend prioritizing it.
  • Size - Maybe you want a travel-friendly bong that's compact in size, or perhaps you're after a sizeable accompaniment to the living room decor. Either way, there's always a bong that will appeal to you.


Best Bongs Under a Hundred


  1. 10" Skull Showerhead Perc Bong

Sale Price: $89

We're starting out strong with the skull-style setup. The glass is a solid 3mm thick, and the 14mm male bowl allows for dry herbs (with the option for concentrates should you wish to snag a female attachment).


Two-layer isolation and a down stem inline diffuser soften the hits just the right amount.


  1. 10" Straight Tube Honeycomb Perc Bong

Sale Price:  $59.99

A filtered straight tube bong is a good look, and this one is evidence. Triple turbine percolators span the cylinder, so the smoke has quite a number of obstacles to surpass before ever reaching your mouth.

At 10" tall, it's a nice and moderate size that fits a number of living situations.


  1. 12" 8-Ball Perc Glass Bong

Sale Price: $85 

There are a variety of percolator breeds available, and this 8-ball setup is a good one. Plenty of bubbles mean plenty of water and air filtration, and that can only be a good thing.


With glass that's 5mm thick and a foot-tall height, this bong checks all the boxes.


  1. 10" Double Matrix Perc Glass Bong

Sale Price: $ 69.98 

Suitable for dabs and flower alike, this bong features a little extra in the filter department. It's called a matrix percolator, which knows just how to produce enough bubbles to filter out any unwanted remnants.

A bent neck and a circular mouthpiece only make this bong that much more appealing. 


  1. 10" Inline Ball Percolator Glass Bong

Sale Price: $75

You may be wondering, what's with all these different kinds of percolators? With the inline diffuser and ball perc, you have yet another option for how to filter the goods. 

With 5mm-thick glass and a cozy flared mouthpiece, you can't go wrong.

  1. 10" Gradient Honeycomb Perc Bong

Sale Price: $78 

A little bit of colored glass can make all the difference in the appearance of a water pipe. This one in particular features an amber theme, a timeless appeal for many a toker. 

When joined with a fully functional set of honeycomb percolators, it really is the whole package and then some.


  1. 9" Multiple Perc Recycler Bong

Sale Price: $89.99 

Now, this is a fun one. We've got a large honeycomb perc and a barrel perc all at once. So too do we have a double chamber design, and a vortex pathway for the smoke itself.

For herb and oil alike, this thick glass bong well under $100 is the jump.


  1. 9" Dual Chamber Vortex Glass Bong

Sale Price:  $78

When one chamber just doesn't cut it, this fella' has got you covered. There are two regions for the hit to travel through, as well as a mini UFO diffuser and a vortex agenda along the route. 

A convenient bent neck and a circular mouthpiece make a world of difference in smoking at home.


  1. 12" Bee Hive Beaker Glass Bong

Sale Price:  $68 

With a bronzed design, this beaker bong knows just what it's bringing to the table. A built-in ice catcher serves as the backup for a tree percolator in granting you the hit you deserve. 

Add a removable downstem, removable mouthpiece and some truly thick glass (3mm to be exact) and you've got yourself the perfect setup.


  1. 16" UFO Tree Double Percolator Beaker Bong

Sale Price: $95 

For something on the larger end, this filtered beaker bong satisfies. Think tree perc and UFO perc alike, as well as an ice catcher to top it all off. 

A fusion of black and clear glass make this piece a unique fit, and a removable down stem and male bowl piece prove its penchant for utility.


A Good Bong Is Hard to Find  

If you've been scouring the web and coming up short on a bong you can afford, there's no need to lose hope. Here, a decade of 420-friendly water pipes takes the forefront.

After all is said and done, to know you don't have to sacrifice on the fixings just to stay within budget is a good feeling. 

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